When You’re Afraid of the Dark

There’s a monster in your room and you know it. It hides under your bed. It hides in your closet, and in the shadowy corners of your room.

Decay has grasped at your heart and squeezed. You feel it. The pain sends you to your knees and the monster scuttles across the floor and settles before you. You look it in its eyes, its eerie eyes, and let loose a sigh. Your tears have been buried but you say nothing. The monster hides under your bed. And waits.

At the edge of a precipice, looking down you see crashing waves and eroding rocks sharp from war with the salt and the wind. Your eyes see miles but it’s only a few feet. Everyone’s watching you. Beating hearts sound louder in a symphony. The monster hangs above you now, in the darkest corner of your room. And watches.

Hidden truths and precious lies pile up around you and over you. Drowning is worse when you can’t see the water. Stolen breath deflates your lungs and conceals your words. Your secrets are kept safe, but not with you. The monster slips through the cracks in the door and perches in your closet. And breathes.

An abyss can hold so many things. Life blossoms then blinks out. You avoid pits that fall into the earth. But puddles become lakes and lakes become oceans as you walk further down the road. The monster knows this too well. And when you lie in bed, eyes wide open, it comes out from under the bed, comes down from the shadowy corner of your room, steps from the closet, and sits upon you.

It is too heavy to move.


It’s been a loooooong time but I was actually in the mood for some poetry. This was a piece that I came up with just last night. Had some feelings that needed some expressing.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by! Until next time ❤

Azia Sig


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