Short Stories

The Group Seven

Nora is returning home for a quick change of clothes, but comes to discover a peculiar sight sitting in her living room. Her son and his circle of friends are lounging about, paying her no mind as they engage in some harmless activities, and even though they seem to be well-behaved, Nora can’t help but feel simultaneously suspicious and pleasantly surprised by their presence.

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Walk With Me

Jay and Kiyan (The Group Seven) return in their own short story. The boys have had a rough year and their relationship seems to be on the rocks. It’s about time they go to The Cove, the place where they can say just about anything to one another. Both friends know there is a lot to be said, but neither knows if their relationship will survive the harsh realities of life.

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Golden Bangles

He loves her. But does she love him? In this short short, the protagonist attempts to cross the divide between himself and his new wife.

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The Solemn Matter of Keeping Time

A short short inspired by Phileas Fogg from Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days

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The Voices Sing

IN PROGRESS: Noah Winters hears voices and they sing. But they also tell him to do bad things. After a particularly bad night, he’s sent to a correctional facility for an indefinite amount of time. While imprisoned, Noah has to find a way to appease his voices. The only way to do this is to listen to music, but music isn’t allowed on the premises. As his condition worsens, Noah takes it upon himself to make his own music with the help of a beautifully tragic and damaged companion.

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