My Reads and Reviews from January to March 2017

Sooo, I think it's high time I do a wrap up post. I didn't do one for either January OR February because I just didn't read and review all that much (that's an understatement if I've ever heard one) because of school and life. But now that I have some content to share, I think it's okay for me to recall what I've managed to do in the past three months!

Bye-Bye November & Hello December!

Winter break is a'comin, my friends, and I got several book and Netflix binges planned out for my four weeks of relaxation. Forewarning: my blog is gonna BLOW UP with all sorts of content and I'm so excited to get fully invested in my blog for the next few weeks after finals! So please look forward to that. But before we look forward, how's about we take a look back at my November and see how I did?