Top 5 Wednesday | Classics I Wish Had Modern Adaptations

Yay! I’ve actually managed to post a Top 5 Wednesday on time. Progress.

I love this topic, but I really haven’t read all that many classics so this will be more a “classics that I’ve read that could possibly be interesting if they had modern adaptations” post.




Just think of all the possibilities that this epic poem could have if it was given a modern treatment! It could be like a weird mix between West Side Story, Romeo and Juliet, and some random YA contemporary romance. Paris is that pretty, suburban rich boy in high school who runs into this gorgeous girl from across the tracks. He sees that she’s part of a gang and is in a bad relationship, and so he woos her and steals her away to suburbia. Her ex isn’t so hyped about that so he gathers all his friends and they declare “war” on the rich boy and his group of friends. The ex also calls up the big guns (and his friend), but so does rich boy, the two gangs meet up in the middle, fight it out for a bit, there’s a horse somewhere in there, both the big guns go down eventually, someone else dies (probably rich boy Paris), and the girl is left to no side but her own. See? Possibilities.


LORD OF THE FLIES | William Golding

Lord of the Flies is the type of story that remains relevant simply due to its discussion of innocence and the loss of it when burdened with more responsibility and knowledge of the world. That being said, I think this story has huge potential to be reimagined. I hear talk of a film that features a cast of all girls instead of boys, but I think there could be more to it. Instead of a plane crash filled with schoolgirls and an island, I’m thinking maybe a group of backpacking women who get lost in the woods and need to survive until help can be reached. They establish a “colony” but things go awry. Simple as that. Or maybe just the origination of the Amazons. Not the Marvel kind. The Greek kind.



Just like the Lizzie Bennett Diaries, I think Wuthering Heights could be a pretty awesome web series. It could be called “Heathcliff Notes.” Ha! I kid. But not really. We could go from Catherine’s (not Cathy’s) POV, which would be torturous, but worth it in the end. Maybe. Or we could go from Cathy’s POV in that it’s present day and she finds her mom’s diary and reads about her mom’s (Catherine’s) life with and without Heathcliff. Lockwood’s in there somewhere. And a wedding. And an old, cranky Heathcliff. And I’m just throwing out ideas at this point.



This story is about madness and so interpretations of such a simple story could be endless. Instead of a man driven wild by a mad eye, it could be a woman. Instead of a mad eye, it could be incessant bubble gum popping (*nods to Cell Block Tango*). Instead of an old man, it could be a sibling. Instead of the police, it could be the FBI because they’ve finally caught up to a serial killer rather than a first-time murderer. The heart under the floorboards can be an artificial heart of an android. Either way, I’d pay good money to see a modern short or full-length film on this famous tale by Poe.



Yes, yes, I know USA’s Revenge was already loosely based on this novel, but I’d love to see another film or TV interpretation. A modern YA novel based on the original would be even more welcome. Revenge stories are my favorite, especially this one. Revenge comes in all forms, so there’s really no reason not to get creative with it. To have a modern retelling of this classic revenge tale would be FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC.


I was going to include some Shakespeare but I think most of them have a modern adaptation somewhere in the world, especially Romeo & Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I was thinking maybe The Picture of Dorian Gray, but the only thing I could imagine that would change is that instead of a painting, it would be a photograph that ages and turns hella ugly. So….yeah.

Anyways, that’s all I got for now. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time ❤

Azia Sig

12 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Classics I Wish Had Modern Adaptations

  1. I fully agree with all of these. The Count of Monte Cristo is such a good revenge story and it definitely needs more adaptations. The characters’ motivations are so interesting!! Also the Iliad is one of my favourite books of all time and for something that’s been talked about for literally thousands of years I find it kind of strange that there aren’t more adaptations? I know there’s the movie called Troy or something with Brad Pitt but it doesn’t even need to be the same setting or the Trojan War, what you mentioned would be so interesting to see too!!

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    1. Right?!?! I’ve been surprised by how few people actually know the story of TCOMC and haven’t even seen the 2000s film! I freaking love that adaptation. I would just love to have another one now LOL. And yaaaas. The Illiad is amazing. And you’re right! Why AREN’T there more adaptations????? Troy was okay but I am desperate to see more films based on the poem. A modern one would be fascinating I think!

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  2. I’m not a massive fan of classics (something I think pretty much everyone has to be aware of by now right?!) but maybe if more classics did have modern adaptations I’d enjoy the genre more. 🙂
    One thing I do love is Greek mythology though, so a modern adaptation of The Iliad would be a dream come true (funnily enough The Iliad is the one classic I could be convinced to one day pick up, just because it’s a Greek mythology story).
    But I think even if there was a modern version of Lord of the Flies I still wouldn’t read it. I had to read the original as part of my GCSE English classes and I was not a fan, at all!
    Great post Azia, and great picks for this topic as well. 🙂 ❤️

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  3. I love modern adaptations! I mean, even when they’re super cheesy and plain ridiculous, they are just so entertaining and hilarious xD

    I THINK there’s a Wuthering Heights one already… I’m not totally sure and I’d like to think I’d know about it if there was BUT I’m not opposed to the idea. I’m actually aaaalll for it! (I know there’s the high chance that they might butcher my all time favourite book but eh, I’m there for it xD)

    Your take on a modern Illiad sounds so rad… Like, I’d totally watch it. I don’t know, I have a thing for the dramatic xD

    Great post, Azia! You have my vote hahaha ❤

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    1. Aren’t they? The modern adaptation of Romeo & Juliet with Leonardo was kinda bad but I’d still watch it in a heartbeat lol

      Wait really?! I’m gonna have to research that to see if it’s real. I need to know if it’s real 😂 And if not, then I’m gonna start petitioning someone for it. It’d be so cool to have a Youtube equivalent of Lizzie Bennet Diaries but Wuthering Heights style 😀

      And thank you! My mind was going a mile a minute when I wrote that but I think it sounds pretty cool myself 😂 I’d watch it. Drama is like popcorn. You know it’s not that good for you but you just can’t help but keep eatin lol

      Thanks Sophie! 💕💗


      1. Yeah it was cringey but it was also pretty cute? Then again, Leo 😍

        Yesterday I was watching The Great Gatsby and I was like “why are they playing hip hop in the 20’s?” Turns out the movie director is the same as Romeo and Juliet! 😂😂😂 It all made sense then hahaha

        Ah god, I don’t know… This brain of mine might have imagined it *coughthepowerofwantcough* I remember that webseries though! Never watched it but I remember it. Also one I remember too was based off Game of Thrones. School of Thrones was the name and it was so bad 🤣🤣🤣 It was a parody though so it was meant to be bad.

        Popcorn is actually healthy for you (apparently, who knows for sure these days) so we must indulge! 😀

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      2. Oh young Leo 😍 However, older Leo is also 😍 Well… Leo in general is just 😍💕

        OH IS THAT WHY!!!??? I never bothered to look it up lol. I always thought the film was kind of weird but kinda similar to Romeo = Juliet 🤣

        Now I’m very interested in this School of Thrones. Purposefully watching bad movies and TV is a favorite pasttime of mine 🤣

        Is it now?! I’ve been living a lie. More popcorn for me!! 😂


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