Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Friend Groups & Books For My Younger Self

I missed the first Top 5 Wednesday topic last week and so I’ve decided to combine last week’s and this week’s topics because I thought they were both fantastic and I didn’t want to miss out on either one 😀


Favorite Friend Groups

According to Goodreads: “We’ve discussed bromances before but let’s discuss our favorite ensemble friend groups!”


This pick is interesting because each member of the crew gets along best with one other person in the group. Kaz to Inej. Jesper to Wylan. Nina to Matthias. All with the exception of Nina and Inej’s wonderful friendship. And even though they each usually favor one person over the others, their dynamic remains unique and powerful in its own way. They may not all love one other, but they’d risk their lives for each other, which I think is still pretty impressive. Also, I love them all individually so it’s kinda hard not to like them as a whole.


I don’t even really need to explain why I love the Inner Circle so much. Each member of the group (Feyre, Rhys, Cassian, Azrael, Mor, and Amren) are fantastic both individually and together. They each have strong bonds with one another and I adore the humor, the trust, the love, and all the other emotions they share as a family. I can’t help but smile when I see them all happily together.

BLUE AND THE RAVEN BOYS | The Raven Cycle series

Truthfully, Blue isn’t my favorite of the group, but that doesn’t mean I hold no love for her. In fact, I love reading about her and her home life. But I love it more when I see her spending time with Gansey, Ronan, Adam, and Noah. They all are so unique and they each have such compelling chemistry with one other. Over time, they break down each others’ walls and come to genuinely respect and love one another despite their differences.

THE MAGICAL TRIO | The Harry Potter series

Well, I feel like this one’s self-explanatory for those who have read Harry Potter. I’m only on the third book but I’ve already come to love the bond between Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The way that they actively have one another’s backs but also encourage each other to the make the right choices is inspiring. And I just love it when they take the time to write to each other over the summer. Just. Adorable.

ADAM AND THE GANG | A List of Cages

This pick is a little out of the blue but I remember falling in love with Adam and his friends when I read ALOC last year. The thing that makes me love this group of friends so much is that they work together to bring Julian out of his shell, and they do their best to both protect him and to help him grow as an individual. Which, for me, is some of the best friendship dynamics one could possibly ask for in a YA book.

Books For My Younger Self

According to Goodreads: “Books that you wish your younger self would have read to learn a life lesson, get more self-confidence, open your eyes to a new perspective, etc.”


A WRINKLE IN TIME |  Madeleine L’Engle

I read this book earlier in 2018 when I learned it was going to be released as a film. Let’s just get it out of the way and say that the film was crappy. But I blame the book mostly for that because it’s not the type of story to be easily adapted onto screen. It’s just sooooo odd, but distinct and filled with so many powerful messages about love, self-respect, and finding one’s inner strengths despite one’s youth. Which is why I wish I had read this book when I was younger.



Reading this book at my age wasn’t really all that beneficial to me. By now, I’ve already read stories like this before, and when I was younger this book would have been groundbreaking. It’s insightful, unabashedly shameless and forward in its messages about sexuality and objectification. Green does well to explore thematic material well suited to a young teen audience and I just WISH I had been there when this book made its first big splash. I know I would have appreciated it more back then.


TIGHT | Torrey Maldonado

This is the type of book I was looking for when I was much younger. It’s relatable and funny and genuine and filled with so much truth. I love the way that it touches on peer pressure, which accounts for a large part of our schooling days. And when we’re younger, we feel more pressed to fit in and be accepted. This book would have been a fantastic resource and literary friend for me and many others when we were younger.



Honestly, I just wish this book had been printed when I was a child because I know for certain that it would have been one of my favorite collections of fairy tales. The illustrations and the natural lessons that come with fables and folktales would have delighted me even more when I was younger.



Well, I just missed the train on this one. I know I would have been a true Potterhead if I had read this book in my youth. I’m still enchanted by it at 23 years old, but the magic would have been all the more sweeping and total if I had been younger. I appreciate it now, but I would have REVERED this series if I had read it sooner.


Thanks for stopping by! Until next time ❤

Azia Sig

13 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Friend Groups & Books For My Younger Self

  1. Great answers for both of these Top 5 Wednesday topics Azia. You’ve featured pretty much all my favourite friendship groups; I love Blue and the Raven Boys so much and I don’t think this would have been a friendship post without including the Golden Trio. 😀 Also yes I would have loved a copy of The Language of Thorns when I was younger, not just because it’s such a gorgeous book but because they’re very fairytale inspired stories and I loved things like that when I was younger (I still do if I’m being honest!)
    Great post and great picks for these topics too. 🙂 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Beth! 😀 Ah the Golden Trio. I like that title better haha. Language of Thorns is so gorgeous and the stories even more so. Honestly, I think I’ll always enjoy a beautiful book of fairytales. I mean how could you resist?!
      Thanks again, Beth ❤

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  2. I couldn’t agree more about The Raven Boys and Blue (as well as HP)! They are one of my favourite friends group and I was really expecting not to like them based on what everyone was saying – it just felt like they were such walking clichés and not likeable at all. How wrong I was! I fell in love with each individual boy and to this day I can’t say which one I like more ❤ I really like Blue as well, though she's the complete opposite of me hahaha

    I would absolutely have devoured The Language of Thorns when I was younger. Though I would also be pretty scared xD It's a pretty creepy book! Maybe I should bump that up to 14-year-old me. She would be a bit more prepared for that sort of story.

    Great post, Azia! I love the topics for these two weeks 😀

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    1. I had actually read the first Raven Boys book when it first came out. At first I wasn’t all that impressed with it, so I set it down and didn’t get back to it for years. But I read the entire series this year after hearing so many good things about Blue and the boys that I eventually picked it up again. SO GLAD I DID. I would have missed out on one of the greatest group of friends in YA. Ronan is my favorite ❤

      Oh I agree. Language of Thorns is pretty dark. But I got into the Grimm versions of fairytales when I was like 10 so LoT would have been the perfect book for me LOL. Though it's got nothing on those Italian fairytales. Have you read any of them?? They're all crazy LOL. I'm STILL kinda freaked out by them

      Thank you!! ❤


  3. Wonderful choices fr this post, Azia! I loved the dynamics between Kaz and the group, too, and Blue and her boys just as well. Both are such great squads and I loved following their adventures and interactions! Oh and A List of Cages YES what a wonderful thought, I had fogotten about them, but they’re amazing and I love that book 😀

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  4. This is such a great post!! Kaz and the gang give me ultimate #squadgoals feels, and the Harry Potter trio are the original squad!
    I need to find time to read A Wrinkle in Time! It looks so amazing and I want to watch the movie so bad, but I’m one of those people who needs to read the book first!! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I’m one of those people too! I want the chance to imagine my own characters and setting first before having it tossed at me by the film LOL. But I hope that you enjoy the book if you ever get around to reading it! And maybe the film will also click for you 😀

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