Book Review Time: Zodiac | Romina Russell




My Rating: ★★ 1/2

Goodreads Synopsis

Series: Zodiac (Book 1)

Hardcover: 336 pages

Publisher: Razorbill

Release Date: December 9, 2014


It took me forever to get through this book.

I started Zodiac last year – that’s right, last year – and finished earlier this summer. It’s not because it was terribly written or wasn’t imaginative enough. In fact, it’s one of the most compelling worlds I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a long while. Ms. Russell has some very original thoughts and she carried them through effortlessly throughout each and every page. The world building is intense, stunning, and superbly done, by far the best part about the entire book. After reading the blurb, I was certain the premise of the book seemed promising. And with a cover like that, how could I not pick it up?

Unfortunately, the plot didn’t hold strong and many of the characters were far too one-dimensional and shallow, including the MC. Actually, my main issue with the book is the main character and her specialness and her inability to choose a man. And for gods sake, does there always have to be a love triangle?

We have the special snowflake, Rhoma Grace. She can do things no one else can, because…plot. It’s up to Rhoma to save the day because she can do what no one else can do. I stopped reading near the end of the book (and didn’t return until a year later) because Rhoma was not the female protagonist I had been hoping for. Her value is largely defined by the people around her and rarely by her self. By the end of the book, her self-worth is nearly non-existent. I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

And don’t even get me started on the nonsensical love triangle. Mathias is a bore and a little too old for Rhoma. The other love interest is much more likable, but definitely not interesting enough for me to remember much about him, including his name.

On the upside though, the villain is nicely done and quite maniacal, but I feel as if even he is wasted in his role.

As for the plot, I can’t even relay the course of events because I just couldn’t bring myself to care about it too much. Which is a shame because the world the characters live in is fantastic, and breathtaking, and just plain gorgeous.

It had potential. And maybe the second one is better. But I don’t think I can continue with this series, especially if Rhoma continues to be the lackluster character she is. I recommend this book to anyone who wishes to experience how proper world building is done. Other than that…well, it’s up to you.


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