My September Reads and Goals for October

I’ve only been blogging seriously for about two months now, and I can honestly say that it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. I kind of jumped into blogging without any prior knowledge of how it all worked. So, every day has been a learning curve for me.

I’m having so much fun and I’ve been lucky enough to find myself in communication with some great bloggers who’ve helped me enjoy my time on WordPress more than I thought possible. My blog is still a little all over the place, but I hope that over time, I’ll finally settle into the blogosphere.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look back at September and take a look forward into October.


  • A Torch Against The Night | Sabaa Tahir
  • Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
  • Reawakened | Colleen Houck
  • Throne of Glass (reread), Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows | Sarah J. Maas
  • Cress | Marissa Meyer
  • Glass Sword | Victoria Aveyard
  • Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey | Jane Austen

Visit here for my original post. It’s got pretty pictures and things.


  • A Torch Against the Night | Sabaa Tahir
  • Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
  • Lady Midnight | Cassandra Clare
  • Sense and Sensibility | Jane Austen
  • Northanger Abbey | Jane Austen
  • Angelfall | Susan Ee
  • Captive Prince | S.U. Pacat (Not very proud of this one…)



Zodiac | ⭐⭐  1/2

Throne of Glass | ⭐ ⭐ ⭐  1/2

Northanger Abbey | ⭐ ⭐ ⭐  1/2

An Ember in the Ashes | ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

Lady Midnight |⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

Six of Crows |⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 


The Selection | ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

The Scorch Trials | ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

The Death Cure | ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

Half Bad | ⭐ ⭐ ⭐  1/2




These pictures are my heart. And if my heart was a canvas, every square inch of it would be painted over with you.” – Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

Many boys will bring you flowers. But someday you’ll meet a boy who will learn your favorite flower, your favorite song, your favorite sweet. And even if he is too poor to give you any of them, it won’t matter because he will have taken the time to know you as no one else does. Only that boy earns your heart.” – Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows

Failure doesn’t define you. It’s what you do after you fail that determines whether you are a leader or a waste of perfectly good air.” – Sabaa Tahir, A Torch Against the Night



Book Review Time: Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo


The Goodreads Book Tag



  • *The Liebster Award: Special thanks to Sammie @ Bookshelves and Biros
  • *The Sunshine Blogger Award: Special thanks to Catherine @ Catherine’s Blog
  • *500 Likes on WordPress: Special thanks to everyone!


  • Reach 100 followers: I’m extremely grateful to have any followers at all. I started my blog with the intention to just learn HOW to blog. So, it’s lovely to see that others might stumble upon my humble little site and click that follow button. Thank you to all my followers!
  • Join a reading challenge: I thought this might be a great way for me to expand my horizons and read a wider variety of books. I know Goodreads has some pretty fun challenges. If anyone knows of any challenges I could sign up for, please let me know!
  • Add new, fun content: Top Ten Tuesdays or Top 5 Wednesdays!
  • Share more of my Works in Progress: I love to review, but I also love to write!
  • Keep up with my reviews: That reminds me…a review for A Torch Against the Night should be coming up soon!


I know I probably won’t get to all of these, but I like to give myself options. Some definite reads will be:

I don’t even own the other ones, but I definitely feel an impulse coming on. I’ve got about ten books in my cart on Amazon right now, and all I’ve gotta do is press a button. Just one, tiny little button and my money disappears. But hey, that’s just the life of a bookworm.

If you stuck around to read this post, then hats off to you. Thank you so much and happy reading!

See y’all later ❤








6 thoughts on “My September Reads and Goals for October

  1. Hi Azia, and a belated welcome to WordPress! I was paired with you for Becca’s blog positivity movement and I look forward to getting to know you! I also wanted to say that I love your graphics and I think you’re doing a great job for being fairly new to blogging! ❤️ And also, I just started Crooked Kingdom myself, and you won’t be disappointed. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Olivia! Thanks for the welcome 😀 I can’t wait to get to know more about you! And thank you for the compliment! It was my first time using photoshop, so I’m so happy that you like them 🙂 And I’m loving Crooked Kingdom so far!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m hearing so many good things about Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom, I can’t wait to read them both one day! I first want to finish the Grisha trilogy, so it’ll probably be a while.
    I’m new to blogging myself, just like you. I’m learning every day and the community is so great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome to the blogosphere! 😀 And thank you for the follow ❤ I agree it's a great place. Everyone is SO friendly. And yes, I highly support that you read the Grisha trilogy first. I read the first two, but haven't gotten around to the third and I'm seeing some major spoilers from the ending of the trilogy in Crooked Kingdom. So, don't be like me lol. I hope you love SoC just as much as I did once you get around to it! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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