Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme found on Goodreads! I thought I might try it out and see how it goes. This week’s topic is: Books That Took You the Longest to Finish

Usually, I’m a speed reader. I finished ACOMAF in less than a day and I had some breaks during that time, too. And for any other book, when I’m not at school, I usually finish within hours. So if a book takes me more than a few days to read, and I’ve got no other responsibilities to worry about, then there’s a BIG problem.


Mockingjay | Suzanne Collins

I adored the first two books, but once I began reading this one, I hit a wall. I just couldn’t bring myself to read it, even though I was reading it. Does that make sense? I was seeing words, but not taking in the story. Eventually I just had to set it down for a bit, then pick it back up several weeks later, only to kinda skim/read it within two weeks. Getting to that ending was a journey.


It | Stephen King

I think I speak for everyone when I say this book was terrifying. But also HELLA long and really dry in some places. I read it in high school and it took me the better part of a month to get through. And the worst part is…the book wasn’t even mine. I’d borrowed from a friend and he kept asking me if I had finished it every week that I hoarded it.

East of Eden

East of Eden | John Steinbeck

Oh would ya look at that. Another loooooong book. Now, I really enjoyed East of Eden. I’d say it’s probably Steinbeck’s masterpiece among his other works. But lord have mercy, it was long, dry, convoluted, and just plain boring in some parts. Took me an entire summer to finish.


Zodiac | Romina Russell

Took me a year to finish this one. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory but if you’d like to know my exact reasons, you can find out here.


Raven Rise (Pendragon Book 9) | D.J. MacHale

The Pendragon series is very near and dear to me because it was basically my replacement for Harry Potter when I was a kid. (I wasn’t allowed to read HP when I was younger. Religious reasons). The two stories had nothing in common, but I was just as invested in Bobby Pendragon’s journey as any Potterhead was invested in Harry’s. So you could imagine my disappointment when I was having trouble getting through the second to last book. In fact, I’m STILL working on it…after 5 years of trying. I’m in the middle of the book. I haven’t given up on it just yet, I just haven’t given it much time lately either. It’ll get finished, I just don’t know when…

Hope you enjoyed this post! Which books have taken you a long time to read? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ll be seeing you! 😀 

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday

  1. You should’ve seen my face when I read “a year” for Zodiac! WHAAAAT!!!! I read your review though and saw that you mentioned some of the same problematic themes that others spoke about. Funny that Mockingjay took you long to get too because for me it was the first book, The Hunger took me about 3 weeks to finish it cause I found it so slow in the beginning.

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    1. I know. I was so excited about Zodiac but I just couldn’t do it lol. I’m surprised I even picked it up this year to finish it. And that’s so interesting! SO many people devoured the first book in the Hunger Games, but I totally agree that the beginning was pretty boring 🙂

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