Wrap Up 2020 | November Reads and Reviews

I didn’t blog nearly enough this November. I, of course, planned to do a set schedule of weekly posts but I got caught up in all the READING I did this past month. So. much. reading.

In hindsight, November was a pretty decent month. I was a bit bored at work since not many kids or teachers need much help with ipads at this pt. in the school year. I’d love to check out books but we’re still not there yet. The boss said that we may start distributing after winter break but until then, we encourage the kids to read more eBooks. So, I’ve had quite a lot of time on my hands to read and read and read.

I’m grateful for this. My goal for this year was to read 85 diverse books. I’ve read out of my comfort zone (memoirs, graphic novels, adult literature) and I’ve continued to do so recently. As of right now I’ve read 115 BOOKS!!!

November is my largest book reading month yet.

I had so much fun with most of these. A few were planned but I think half of the books I read were spur of the moment, which is what I prefer. I like the feeling of just picking up a book you might like and rolling with the punches instead of planning out your month.

All the graphic novels I read were spontaneous choices. They had just arrived at my school and I was really curious and I had time on my hands, so why not. All three were really cute and well-designed. I think of the three, The Prince and the Dressmaker was my favorite.

I’ll always enjoy The Blood of Eden series (best YA vamp series, fight me) and Spinning Silver was a pleasant surprise. There were some disappointing reads but all in all, I had a fantastic reading month.

A treat, really. Bless Holly Black for gifting this little beauty to us. The illustrations are stunning and each chapter is a delight. It offers brief glances into Cardan’s upbringing and honestly, the shortness of this book works out pretty nicely. The whole thing is made even better when it touches on the present, highlighting a bit of Cardan and Jude’s current relationship and status as queen and king. I’m in love with this novella 💖

The cover to this book is gorgeous and I thought it was a cute little ball of fluff, but I wasn’t at all invested in the romance and I also had a hard time connecting to the MC. The best parts were the descriptions of the Cuban pastries and also the dedication Lila had to her family and her love of baking. Besides all that, the side characters weren’t that interesting, some side plots were underdeveloped, and Lila herself was a little hard to sympathize with. I think I might do a review on this one, but the book just fell flat for me and by the end I was skimming pages so I could finish sooner and be done with it.

Like I said…I didn’t post much… So here are a few posts I did in October LOL

Wrap Up 2020 | November Reads and Reviews

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  • Mini golf with the cousins
  • Bought a new Samsung tablet for reading and digital art
  • So. Many. Books.
  • Advanced further in Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Sunday Hiking/Brunch with my friend, Lala
  • Great Pretender on Netflix (binged both seasons in 1 day…)
  • Corpse Husband/Among Us streams (raises my serotonin levels)
  • The end of Unnus Annus (#UnnusAnnusisoverparty)
  • Visit to LA to see Meg
  • Friend finally returned from Japan after 1.5 years abroad
  • Thanksgiving dinner with nuclear fam

I want to do more for myself this December. I definitely plan on reading quite a lot before the year is done, so now my Goodreads goal is unofficially 125 books! Aside from reading though, I want to do more artistic things and I also want to catch up on some of the more recent shows and anime. AND I want to work out almost every day. Sometimes it feels like there’s just not enough hours in the day for all that, ya know?

Thankfully winter break is coming up, so I hope I can encourage myself to blog more and to also achieve some of my life goals before 2020 ends (thank freaking god).

As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time 💖

6 thoughts on “Wrap Up 2020 | November Reads and Reviews

    1. I really enjoyed most of those books 😄 Yas, please read the Blood of Eden series! It’s one of my favorite vampire series. I hope you manage to read it this year !


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