Wrap Up 2021 | March Reads and Reviews

Let’s pretend I did a wrap up for January and February, kay?

March was a month of rereads and new reads. I tried different genres and formats to shake things up. I also began borrowing books from the library again!

Too often I found myself buying books that I didn’t want to keep and so I’ve come to the conclusion to borrow a book first, if possible, before making any purchases. That is, unless there are books I’m certain I will enjoy if I pre-order them. Usually those books will be from my auto-buy authors. But I’m back to supporting the library in full force and it’s saved me quite a bit of change since I’ve returned to that system.

I wanna say I loved every single book I picked up in March but that would be a blatant lie. In truth, March was kind of a ‘meh’ month when it came to reading.

I reread the the first two books of the original Iron Fey series in February and then finished up the series in March. I then read the Call of the Forgotten trilogy right after and let me tell you, those books are relics of 2010s past. I probably should have left the original Iron Fey series alone because now all I can think of them is that they’re pretty mediocre. Same goes for the secondary trilogy. Getting through those books wasn’t a fantastic experience and I hate that because I LOVED those books when I was a teen.

The rest of the books were a mixed bag. There were a couple that I liked but didn’t love, a couple that I loved, and one that really did not work for me.

Even though I really enjoyed Namesake (not as much as Fable but still an enjoyable read), I was mostly blown away by Trevor Noah’s memoir. Brilliant, witty, and heartwarming, a staple of Noah’s personality and voice.

I already shared a bit of my feelings on another post, but this book did not work for me. I did not like the MC, there were too many non-subverted stereotypes, and too many topics that lacked focus.

I hardly posted in March and I didn’t post at all in February. I think the last time I did a wrap up post was in November 2020???? So, I’ll just share the few posts I’ve posted since then!

I didn’t really watch that much TV since I have yet to finish some of these shows. I finally completed Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated (now one of my favorite reboots of the Scooby series) and I completely binged Beastars within a day (soooo good!!!). Underwater has become one of my favorite underwater horror films recently, so I was really happy to see it on HBO Max.

Dances With Wolves has been a favorite of mine since I was in 8th grade and even though it’s 3 hours long, I still love every part of it. The last scene always makes me tear up. Chernobyl was fantastic; I now see why it won so many awards. I haven’t caught up on Resident Alien, but THANK YOU Syfy for bringing Alan Tudyk to us in this amazing show. I nearly danced with joy when I discovered it was going to have a second season.

I have yet to finish B: The Beginning, since I decided to rewatch the first season before starting the second. I think I have maybe an episode left of Barbarians, which is good but is certainly no The Last Kingdom. I’m slowly making my way through Jujutsu Kaisen since only the dub is available on HBO Max and they release one episode every week. Pure torture. I think I might just switch to the sub on Crunchyroll and binge the rest.

I made it halfway through Snyder’s cut of the Justice League before taking a break. It’s not perfect but it’s sooooooo much better than the garbage that was released a few years ago.

  • Received my first vaccination shot. Halfway there!
  • Borrowing books from the library again
  • My brother found his first apartment
  • Started walking nearly every day and adjusting my diet
  • Started playing Borderlands 3 and Gears 5 with my brother
  • A Fairy Loot box included a Red Rising pillow case that has Darrow, Sevro, and Mustang on it! I’m in love with it 💖
  • I started blogging again!!!!!!!

March was a pretty decent month. Not much went down in my life that had me excited but I plodded along mostly content with the days. I got some serious reading done and I finally started reading books that I’ve been wanting to get to for a while.

April holds so many new releases I’d like to dive into and I’ve got a few books coming from the library that I can’t wait to read, some of which are City of Brass, Leviathan Wakes (the book The Expanse is based on), and A Dark and Hollow Star!! I’ll probably do a TBR post in a few days 😁

Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time 💖


10 thoughts on “Wrap Up 2021 | March Reads and Reviews

  1. It makes me so happy to see Trevor Noah’s book as your favorite, because I loved it when I read it. Did you know that Lupita Nyong’o enjoyed it so much, she hit up Trevor to talk about making it into a movie. I think she’s going to play his mom if I remember that correctly.
    Also, congrats on getting the first vaccine!! I’m so happy for everyone who does get it and only slightly jealous, because my country is slow af. Hope you have a good April!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow! I didn’t know that! I’d watch anything with Lupita haha. I think that would be an amazing biopic, if done right!
      Thank you! Wishing you well and I hope you get yours soon! Have a lovely month! 😊

      Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t know, I might just be a more critical reader but yeah, the original didn’t work for me. I still love it (nostalgia is powerful LOL) but I don’t think I can read it again. I’d still give it a try, though, for nostalgia’s sake haha

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s really good. The first book wasn’t my jam at first but I started to like the series more and more as I continued forward. I hope you end up loving it as well should you ever get the chance to read it!

      Liked by 2 people

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