2020 Year in Books | Best and Worst Reads

I am so happy this year is done. What a year. What. A. Year. This year sucked so much, I have nothing more to say about it. What can be said about it has been said. And it’s not exactly ending on a good note for me health-wise, but at least my reading experience has been top-tier. I’ve far exceeded my reading goal and I ended out the year by rereading one of my favorite books.

Choosing to reread some of my favorite books was a magnificent choice and I’m relieved to say that nearly every single one of them brought me just as much joy as they had the first time I read them. I’ll definitely be rereading a few more books in 2021.

Here’s what my bookish 2020 looked like:

This was really hard to work out, but honestly, several of these honorable mentions can take their place in my top 10. It came down to pure enjoyment. My top 10 are the books that left me feeling elated and happy, and/or also left a stronger impression on me over time. This year was chock-full of amazing reads and it was a struggle to figure out which ones stood out the most, especially since I reread some of my favorite books (Red Rising, Six of Crows, Circe, The Hunger Games, Angelfall, The Immortal Rules, etc.) To be fair to myself, I didn’t include any of my rereads because they’d easily make up my top 10 once again.

These 10 were fairly hard to choose as well. Aside from 1 or 2 books, there weren’t that many books I would consider “the worst.” I’d categorize most of these books as “the most disappointing” books I read this year. A lot of these were three star reads. They all fell short of some expectations I had and that’s what made them disappointing to me, not because they were offensively bad.

I have to admit I haven’t finished one book just yet, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, but I’ve included it in this list because it was released in 2020 and it’s taken me a couple of weeks to get halfway through. I’m now considering DNF’ing it. So, I thought it best to include it on my 2020 list of “worst” or most disappointing books of 2020.

I couldn’t have chosen a better book to end the year with. It’s been about 4 years since I read this YA masterpiece and I’m so incredibly happy that I loved it just as much as I did the first time around. 5 out 5 stars. No mourners, no funerals.

Even though 2020 was pretty much one of the worst years in recent history, at least we had some time to read our books, fellow bookworms. There were so many amazing 2020 releases (granted, I didn’t read many of them but I tried my best) and we finally had a little more time to read those books we haven’t gotten to yet.

Rereading books was a blast and now I’m motivated to reread a few more in 2021 (yes, I will be rereading Red Rising and SoC/CK…). 2021 promises us some amazing books that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I’m looking at you A Court of Silver Flames.

123 books. Not bad. I hope I can read just as many in the new year!!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time 💖

9 thoughts on “2020 Year in Books | Best and Worst Reads

  1. Awesome wrap up! Really love where the crawdads sing- read it last week. Really liked sorcery of thorns, perks of being a wallflower and martian as well! Glad you liked addie larue and to kill a mockingbird as well- I loved those books. Shame about wicked saints- I never hear very good things about it. And sad to see calamity jane on your most disappointing list- I was looking forward to it. I found children of blood and bone disappointing too- it’s not a bad book, I just had higher expectations for it.

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