Top Ten Tuesday: Books/Series That Would Make A Great TV Series

This week’s TTT topic is a freebie! So I’ve decided to complain a bit about all the amazing TV shows we don’t have.

There are so many books out there that would make entertaining TV series. So much untapped potential. There have already been a few made into films and some made into series. Some are in production (*waits patiently for Shadow and Bone*) and others have been considered but development has stopped (*RIP Raven Boys). While many of my favorite books have been adapted, there are a few others I think would make perfect TV shows.

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each Tuesday, readers post a list of top ten lists that fit the topic!

While Red Rising would make an EXCELLENT set of films, I think the series would succeed best if it were given more screen time. The road to breaking the chains and reforming the Society is incredibly long and arduous. A TV series with hour-long episodes would more accurately depict the rebellion and would best capture Darrow’s metamorphosis from slave into warlord. Also, who wouldn’t love a Romanesque-hunger games style space opera to watch on HBO?

There was a time when mystery shows were all the rage, but most were categorized as procedural TV shows, like Psych and Monk. Combining mystery and police work is an expected combo. Truly Devious, however, would instead focus on investigating mysteries in a single setting with a young, female detective at the center of it all. It’s got all the stuff to make an interesting show fit for both teens and adults!

I truly would love to watch more sci-fi shows. Good ones are a little hard to come by nowadays. Aurora Rising has an interesting cast of characters and the overarching conflict is familiar but not completely overplayed on TV. Just imagine all the amazing space adventures these crazy kids could get up to while trying to save the galaxy! It’d be a bit of a mix between Star Trek and Firefly.

Think The Walking Dead but set in the Reconstruction era. And not only that, the main characters are two equally intriguing and dynamic black girls. This book is a little underrated, but it has all the ingredients to make for a compelling TV series. In addition to zombies, the show would touch on the subjects of race and racism, self-actualization, and female friendships. I’d tune in.

I couldn’t stop comparing this book to that one TV series, The Librarians. And since that show has ended, I think this book would be a suitable replacement. It’s got time travel, magic, heists, gangs, ancient artifacts, an evil society of alchemy, and a clever villain. All the characters walk the line between right and wrong, and the majority of the book is set in early 20th century New York. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a winner.

Again, I would like more sci-fi shows. This would be PERFECT. Yes, it would also make an amazing film, but I think it would also do very well as a show. A young, female ace learning how to work with a team while also protecting her people from aliens sounds like a good time to me. I can already picture the aerial warfare. And just imagine the group dynamics. Spensa is such a fantastic character, and the hilarious M-bot would help to alleviate the more serious moments and add that extra bit of mystery into the mix.

I’m always down for a new high fantasy show. TOG has the makings of a truly epic series, if done correctly. I can imagine it being a more tame version of both Game of Thrones and The Witcher. And honestly, a TV series would bolster Aelin’s character arc in the long run. Her growth would be given the necessary time to be cultivated. Maybe her life as an assassin and her imprisonment in Endovier could also be given more time to shine.

This series reminds me of both Ripper Street and Penny Dreadful. The time period (Victorian era) is always a compelling choice and the cases that Audrey Rose investigates are steeped in well-known lore and conjecture. People have a strange fascination with serial killers and this series would be able to fill that curiosity. And for those of us who like a bit of horror, we’d be delighted to have something to feed our morbidness.

If The Boys is too gory and The Umbrella Academy is too strange, Renegades would be the perfect medium. Superhero shows (that are not DC or Marvel) don’t always do so well. They also tend to be a little more outrageous than most. A little more bloody. A little more odd. But Renegades is nothing too extreme. It has the right amount of cheesiness for a superhero series but it also has mystery, comedy, tragedy, and morally grey protagonists.

I want a dystopian vampire show. Please let it be this one. The action is top-notch, the vampires are terrifying, the villain is properly sinister, and the main character is an Asian-American girl wielding a katana. I mean, this series practically writes itself.

Those are my picks for books that I think would make great TV series! There are so many more I had in mind, but there’s just so many to choose from. And writers nowadays seem to be able to turn anything into a show (i.e. Little Fires Everywhere).

I really hope we can one day see some of these adapted. My biggest hope is Red Rising, though, not gonna lie. I’m content with the books, but my god, what a show (what a film!) all these could be.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by! Until next time 💖

19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books/Series That Would Make A Great TV Series

    1. I’d heard about a Hulu TOG series a while ago but have heard nothing since! I’m not a massive fan of the book series but I think a TV series would be grand. Fingers crossed Amazon Prime picks it up if Hulu doesn’t haha. I just need all these to become series and my life would be set 😄

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    1. My god, right?! When’s the last great vampire series we’ve had? True Blood? Not sure, but I would kill to see Immortal Rules on the screen! It’d be such a bad*** show!

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    1. I can’t believe it took me so long to read The Last Magician. It was SOOOO good. I need to get the second book and see where this story is going so I can be all caught up for the third book! 😄 I have yet to read Deathless Divide but it’s on the list!

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      1. Actually, I think it was moved to April 2021 😔 At least, that’s what Amazon says now. If that’s true, I have more time to read the 2nd book haha

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