Down the TBR Hole | #6

It’s that time again, friends! The TBR list is ever-growing and some trimming needs to get done.

Down the TBR Hole is a weekly book meme created by the wonderful Lia @ Lost in a Story that attempts to organize our ridiculously long Goodreads TBR list by choosing either to keep or eliminate the books we’ve saved on there.

I’m trying another format (surprise, surprise). I like this one a little better because it’s much quicker to assemble and I don’t have to download each picture to my gallery which is getting really cramped and a little harder to manage! So this might be the way to go πŸ˜€


  • A MORTAL SONG | Morgan Crewe | Reason: Lost interest
  • SILVER SHADOWS | Richelle Mead | Reason: 5th book in a series I haven’t started
  • TRUTHWITCH | Susan Dennard | Reason: Middling reviews, lost interest
  • FLIPPED | Wendelin Van Draanen | Reason: Already read, love the film
  • AS I DESCENDED | Robin Talley | Reason: Not my preferred genre
  • IF I STAY | Gayle Forman | Reason: Not interested, doesn’t seem to have aged well
  • TALES OF THE PECULIAR | Ransom Riggs | Reason: Haven’t read previous books
  • THE READER | Traci Chee | Reason: Lost interest, haven’t heard much about it



Keep – 4

Go – 8

Do you agree with my picks? Are there some books I should consider keeping? Any of these books your favorite? Share your thoughts! πŸ˜„

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time πŸ’–

22 thoughts on “Down the TBR Hole | #6

  1. Glad you’re keeping Love & Gelato! I really enjoyed that when I read it, was so easygoing and different from what I was reading at the time which was a load of fantasy + mystery novels πŸ“š It felt like a breath of fresh air. Hope you enjoy it too! πŸ™Œβœ¨πŸ’•

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    1. It seems like a perfect summery read or just a good getaway read from my fantasy and sci-fi! I’m really looking forward to picking it up someday. Might not be very soon, but at least it’s on the list haha

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  2. Ps. I like how in the collage you mixed all of the photos of books up so I went into it thinking ‘noooo she’s not going to read Love & Gelato’ and then I was happy to see that it’s on your keep list and somewhere down the line you will! πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

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    1. I’ve heard such great things about it. And it’s been a while since I’ve read good historical fiction. Sepetys seems like one of the best authors to turn to for YA readers right now!

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    1. Hmm, A Mortal Song and If I Stay seemed to make a big splash at first but have since kind of faded away in the background πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Truthwitch might have sounded unique when it first released but now there are so many similar concepts. But that’s okay! There’s always something else to read haha


  3. Ooh I have The Alchemist on my shelf and I still haven’t got around to reading is so looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that and seeing if it makes me speed up and read it, aha. Sounds like you’ve got some good books left – happy reading!

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    1. If you happen to read it before me (which, you probably will at the rate I’m going LOL), I really hope that you enjoy! I’d be eager to see what you have to say about it πŸ˜„ Happy reading to you too!


    1. Cutting down the TBR is such a big job haha. I hope all goes well for you once you decide to tackle that beast 😊 And thank you! I hope so too!


    1. Haha, that sounds ominous. I liked Gray’s other book, Defy the Stars, so I’m hopeful this other series will work out. Also, I just REALLY want that cover on my shelves lol

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