July TBR | Kinda Sorta Maybe

My mood is still all over the place this month. Nine days have gone by and I’ve only read one book so far. Some days I’ve been feeling it, but recently I’ve been feeling very listless. I think I’m bored. In fact, I KNOW I’m bored.

Way too many days have gone by in which I’ve done nothing particularly new. It’s come to the point where I’ve decided to go to Michael’s, buy a small wooden house, paint it, and see where that gets me afterward 🀣

Because I don’t really have any specific reading goals this month, the theme is an extension of mood reading. I will, kinda, sorta, maybe stick to a TBR but probably not.

I have about 12 unread books in my room. Since that’s all I have and I don’t want to buy any more new ones just yet, most of those remaining 12 will be my TBR.

2020 Releases: My Calamity Jane, Goddess in the Machine, Forest of Souls

2019 Releases: The Merciful Crow, Wicked Saints

Pre-2019 Releases: Dark Matter, The Last Magician, Little Fires Everywhere

I wanted to reread the last two books this month, but I’m trying to make it a little more realistic for myself. I’m sure I’ll only be getting to the second book this month. I can’t wait to get into the mood for this one, though. It’s my favorite of the original trilogy.

I didn’t read a classic last month, unfortunately. I’m keeping this classic queued up because my mood simply will not allow me to choose a classic that is any longer than Of Mice and Men πŸ˜‚

Again, mood reading will take me to strange places. But seeing as my choices are limited this month, I’m sure I’ll get to a few of these at least!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time πŸ’—

11 thoughts on “July TBR | Kinda Sorta Maybe

  1. You’ve got some great ones! I loved Wicked Saints, but it seems to be a love it/hate it kind of book, Dark Matter will blow your mind, and I loved the world-building in The Last Magician – looking forward to the last book in the series. Happy Reading!

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    1. Yeah, I just noticed that about Wicked Saints after checking its Goodreads score! I’m really interested to see what it’s all about. I hope I’m in the love it group haha. Can’t wait for Dark Matter. I’ve been meaning to read it for years!

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    1. Goddess, so far, is really good. Unique and fresh, with a pretty good heroine. I think you’d love it, Sofii! And I’m really curious about Forest of Souls. It was a cover buy for me, so I hope the story is good LOL

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    1. I loved My Lady Jane. Absolutely hilarious. But wasn’t much a fan of the second. I hope I like this new one better. If not, I think I’ll just stop with the series lol

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      1. Ah, well if this is the last one, it’s all good then. Series hasn’t exactly lived up to the first book. But if this newest one isn’t good and they decide to make another, I think I’ll just politely decline to read the next πŸ˜…

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