Beat the Backlist | What I’ve Read So Far + Backlist Bingo!

Hello wonderful people! I hope you are all doing well and are keeping safe and healthy!

Today has been one of my more productive days. My entire family is busy with work of some sort: my mom compiling lists for admin, my father practicing his Italian, my brother creating workout routines. I’m busy clearing up my work inbox (100+ emails…), responding to comments (thank you all πŸ’–), and of course, drafting this post and a couple others!

I noticed I haven’t made an update post for Beat the Backlist even though I made the pledge in January. If you wanna check out which books I’ve placed on my list, check out the original post here!

These are the books I’ve managed to finish up this year, so far!

Pre-2020 Releases



Since I’m part of the Re-readers team, I’ve been trying extra hard to get at least one reread in per month. In January it was COM, in February it was By the Light of the Moon, and this month it was the Penryn and the End of Days trilogy!

Random Backlist Read

This was not originally on my list of books to read but I had the opportunity to read it. Luckily it was published in 2010 and fits with the backlist rules!

I was perusing the Beat the Backlist page on Novelknight and discovered the Reading Challenge Bingo!!! There are two cards, one with 24 prompts and the other with 80. I decided that since I’m reading so much this year, I’d better go for the 80! And because this is the Backlist Bingo, I’m going to see if I can avoid including too many 2020 releases!

After looking through, I noticed I’ve already crossed a few of the boxes out! Here’s how it’s looking so far 😁

  • Published Before You Were Born | To Kill A Mockingbird
  • A Modern Classic | The Hate U Give
  • Book with Less Than 200+ Pages | A Long Walk to Water
  • LGBTQIA+ Rep | Ziggy, Stardust and Me
  • Companion Novel | The Bane Chronicles
  • Features Your #1 OTP | Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy Malec in “Born to Endless Night”
  • Author with a Middle Initial | Sarah J. Maas
  • Dystopian That Could Happen | 1984
  • Book with 600+ Pages | Tower of Dawn
  • The 4th Book in a Series | Queen of Shadows
  • Author You’ve Read 5+ Book By | Cassandra Clare
  • Written Before 2010 | By the Light of the Moon
  • Space Travel | Defy the Stars
  • Last Book in a Series | City of Heavenly Fire

Things are going pretty smoothly! And next month is the month that I tackle all my big fantasy books that have been sitting around for a while. So hopefully that’ll serve me well in bingo lol.

That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by! Until next time ❀

5 thoughts on “Beat the Backlist | What I’ve Read So Far + Backlist Bingo!

  1. I’m glad you and your family have found a way to keep busy! I hope you’re all well! πŸ’– I also should use this time to read more, and faster, to reach my goal. I have recently ordered Tales of the Shadowhunter Academy and Ghosts of the Shadow Market – I’d love to discuss both with you! 😊

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