Reading Update: Revisiting a Favorite Series + What Should I Read Next?

This month’s theme is Angels and Demons! Technically, I’m on spring break, but even after it has ended, I will not be going back to work due to, of course, preventative measures enforced by the state to battle against the spread of COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus. Now that we have been mandated to shelter in place, my reading time has increased exponentially LOL. I’ve got all the time to do all the reading.

So far my reading load has been extremely satisfying. For the first part of this month I spent some time reading Cassie Clare novels. And now I’m in the middle of rereading Penryn and the End of Days trilogy!

Of the three short story collections I read from the Shadowhunter series, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy was my favorite. Simon is such an amazing character and all the stories serve a specific purpose in progressing the overarching plot as well as some individual character subplots. “Born to Endless Night” is pure gold.

I finally got to read Chain of Gold and it was, thankfully, a solid beginning to the trilogy! I posted my review for that one, so now I’m all caught up with the Shadowhunter series!! I might venture out to collect the graphic novels, but that’s for later.

Right after I finished COD, I rolled right into Angelfall, and it’s been wonderful revisiting Penryn and Raffe. Honestly, I forgot the story is surprisingly grim and gruesome. Susan Ee was not holding back LOL. But it’s still just as good as I remember.

I’m already midway through this book and I’ll probably finish it up before Monday. After that, I’ll immediately begin End of Days! I remember my biggest issue with World After was Raffe’s absence for the first half of the book, and despite knowing that, it’s still a problem. I wish there were more scenes with him 😦 Besides that, it’s still an enjoyably dark and entertaining book!


Once I’m done with End of Days, I’m not entirely sure what I’ll read next…

Crescent City is the only book of the remaining three that has anything to do with my theme, but I’m still unsure of whether I’d like to subject myself to another massive, thin-as-hell-paged book by Maas.

I’m always down for Marie Lu and the reviews for Kingdom of Back have been positive, so I’m really tempted to start that one. And then there’s The Queen’s Assassin, which I received as an ARC to review. The reviews are middling for that one. I’ll be reading it, regardless, but do I want to read it next?

I’m leaning towards Kingdom of Back right now, but if anyone has any opinions on what I should read after End of Days, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by. Until next time ❤

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