Down the TBR Hole | Back at #1

Remember the last time I did a post like this?! Yeah, me neither. I’m pretty sure it was last year…

My TBR is actually in a good place, despite having 300+ books on there, but I think I should start going through the list a bit more intensely than I have been. My reading tastes are shifting and so I want to see if any books I said I would keep last year will still spark my interest this year.

Down the TBR Hole is a weekly book meme created by the wonderful Lia @ Lost in a Story that attempts to organize our ridiculously long Goodreads TBR list by choosing either to keep or eliminate the books we’ve saved on there.

I heard this one is connected to Courting Darkness, a book I own and have not yet read. I’ve also heard this book and series is actually pretty good. And I’m always down for an assassin story.

The Judgement – KEEP

Eventually I will get to this book. I’ve had it on my shelves for a few years now. There are just so many other series that I’d like to explore first, but I haven’t forgotten about this one!

The Judgement – KEEP

This still stands as one of the only biographies I have an interest in reading. I actually have it in my school library so maybe on the days I don’t have much to do, I’ll read a bit of this as the days go on until I’m finished!

The Judgement – Keep

I actually have no interest in reading this book any longer. I’m not much of a romance reader, to begin with, and from the reviews that I’ve read, Hoover’s books can be really problematic. I’d rather not get into any of her books if that’s the case.

The Judgement – GO

This would also be another of the few biographies I’d like to read in my lifetime. When I’m in the mood to read something completely different than my preferred, go-to genres, then I will venture to pick this one up.

The Judgement – Keep

I have a readily available copy of this book in the middle school library that I work at, and so it remains to be one of the middle grade books I’d like to read sometime. I love the cover and the story does seem promising.

The Judgement – Keep

I haven’t read many Sarah Dessen books and the more I look at them, the more I’ve come to realize that I actually have no interest in them. The cover to this one is gorgeous, but it’s not enough to entice me anymore.

The Judgement – GO

This is another contemporary I think I can cross off my list. I’m very picky with my contemporary YA novels and this one just doesn’t catch my fancy. I’m not in love with the cover and the synopsis doesn’t really hold my interest. I think it’s safe to let this one go.

The Judgement – GO

I have yet to read the entire Percy Jackson series, and so I’d rather not start Magnus Chase until I’ve gotten the primary series out of the way. For now I think I’ll take this off the list!

The Judgement – GO

Another YA contemporary romance that I really don’t think I have any motivation to keep on my TBR. The reviews are middling and the premise sounds a little too familiar. I think I will have to say good-bye to this one for now.

The Judgement – GO


KEEP – 5

GO – 5

Well, I cut most of my to-read contemporaries. Hopefully I have more recent ones further up my list so that my TBR will be diverse.

I think I’m happy with the ones I’ve kept and the ones I’ve let go, but if there are any books you think I should keep, let me know and I’ll consider it!

Until then, thanks for stopping by! Until next time ❤

11 thoughts on “Down the TBR Hole | Back at #1

    1. Thanks! I think so too. And it’s one of those books that can easily fall further down the list with all of those new fantasy books coming out. Hopefully we can both get to it sometime!

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  1. I realIy enjoyed I Am Malala & Why Not Me? & your post has me looking for the next Memoir I can listen to! *eeeK* it’s been a minute! Falling Kingdoms is one of those YA Fantasies that got lost on my shelves & fast forward 4 years later I’m unhauling them for other favorites. I still feel I’d enjoy it but the TBR stack is daunting at the moment & YA Fantasies seem to also be getting chunkier (don’t mind one bit lol) with more complex world building. I wonder if it would still stand the test of time, I’ll be on the look out for your thoughts 🙂

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    1. Oh you’ve just reminded me that I could possibly look into audiobook versions for the memoirs!

      And you’re completely right. YA is saturated with the fantasy genre nowadays, and those fantasies are often quite large (not complaining either haha) and hold much more complex themes and constructs than a few years ago. But I’m sure Falling Kingdoms has some great things to offer. I heard the latter part of the series isn’t that strong, but still looking forward to finally getting to it someday. Definitely plan on completing it sometime this year, since it’s on my Beat the Backlist 😀


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