Reading Update: Moving on to Book 4 of the Throne of Glass Series

Earlier this month I mentioned that this would be the month of Maas! I’m making good on that theme and today I’ll be moving on to Queen of Shadows. I’ve been trying really hard not to zoom through the series, just so I can digest all that’s happened. I’ve even taken to summarizing what I read every night, to make sure that I won’t so easily forget what I’ve just read.

I finished Heir of Fire yesterday, so a review for that one will be going up real soon. Some initial thoughts:

  • Slower pacing than COM
  • A book of filler; could easily have been cut down by at least 150 pages
  • Some amazing character development for Celaena (a deeper look into her head and heart as well as her personal history as Aelin)
  • Both Chaol and Dorian seemed to lack presence in this book, especially Dorian
  • Loved the introduction of newer characters, especially Aedion and Manon
  • Enjoyed Manon’s storyline ten times more than both Chaol and Dorian’s combined
  • Not enamored with Rowan’s character (more about this in the review)
  • The last 20% was the saving grace of this book –> a battle scene, magical abilities on full display, revelations about the king’s plot, the truth behind of Aelin’s ancestors/relatives, etc. etc.
  • Can Sarah J. Maas NOT think of ways to evade the use of “males’ or ‘females’?!?!
  • What’s with all the cursing and casual phrasings? No identity in the characters’s language/dialects

Right now I’m thinking that Crown of Midnight still stands as my favorite, but I very much enjoyed this one. Many of the scenes could have been cut out but I do love the direction the story is taking us. The truth behind the sinister King of Adarlan’s plans have been laid bare and there is so much more at stake than first realized. I’m excited so see what all the character will do next!


I’ve heard mixed things about QOS, but I’m eager to see how the characters evolve from here and what will become of my cinnamon roll (y’all know who I’m talking about…no spoilers!).

Empire of Storms will probably be finished by the beginning of next week, and then I’ll immediately move on to Kingdom of Ash, which will take me an entire week to finish (if I plan to read at a slower pace than usual).

But this is going great! I’m so invested. No matter my issues with the writing, I’m entertained by this story.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time ❤

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