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It’s been a looooooooooooong time since I’ve done a book tag. Because I’ve been having such a hard time of making time for my blog, I’ve only done reviews when I DO find the time. Occasionally I’ve managed a Top 5 Wednesday post but not recently. I miss doing fun tags and memes, so I think I’ll finally get around to this tag, which has been sitting in my draft folder for about a year.

A very large (and belated) thank you to Ava @ Reads, Rhythms, and Ruminations for tagging me quite a long time ago. Unfortunately, the lovely Miss Ava has not posted since 2017. However, please do not hesitate to visit her blog and check out her amazing content. You won’t regret diving into her lovely little reading corner ❤

And we can’t forget to thank the wonderful icebreaker694 for creating such a cute tag!



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CARDAN | The Cruel Prince series by Holly Black

There are several reasons why Cardan is misleading. His open disdain for Jude is actually obsession, his alliance with Jude is discovered to be self-serving, and his so-called “ignorance” of his royal duties is proven to be fictitious by the end of The Wicked King. Plus, he’s fae. He basically lives to be misleading.


RADU | The Conqueror’s Saga by Kiersten White

Thinking back, it seemed as if not one person after having met Radu could actually muster up the cowardice to hate him. Political enemies aside, Radu easily won the hear of the public and maintained the love of his sister, Mehmed, his wife, and even the man he deceived because of the goodness in his own heart. He was well-respected as a soldier, a politician, and an individual no matter the situation, it seems.


NINA ZENIK | Grishaverse by Leigh Bardugo

One of my favorite things about Leigh Bardugo and the Grishaverse is its emphasis on diversity. Bardugo constantly reminds us that Nina is a beautiful, curvaceous young woman who would never turn her head away from a sweet if presented to her. Nina’s love for food is one of the best aspects of her character. It’s so refreshing to read about a character who eats what they want, when they want, and doesn’t care a wink about what people think of them for doing so!

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SCYTHE GODDARD | Arc of a Scythe series by Neal Shusterman

The first character that came to mind was obviously Katniss Everdeen. I mean, how could it not? She’s arguably one of the most, if not the most, iconic YA character in YA dystopian literature that incited a revolution. So I tried to think of someone else. I went the complete opposite direction and chose Scythe Goddard.

A movement can be good OR bad and so I decided to choose Goddard for having started an arguably immoral movement that encouraged Scythes to take pleasure in their kills and to even get creative with the ways in which they kill their victims. His charm and persuasive skill, unfortunately, began a movement that is gaining more power with each installment in the series. And it’s soooooo unsettling.


JEM AND WILL | The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare

For every category that asks for an example of brotherly love, I will ALWAYS give the same answer. And my back-up will ALWAYS be Jace and Alec. Jem and Will are the very definition of “brotha from anotha motha.” Blood means nothing to them. They are, in every single way, true brothers. The love they have for one another is endless and eternal. I love everything about their relationship.


MONTY | The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Makenzie Lee

There are quite a few YA characters with parental issues but the one I landed on for today was Monty. Not only was Monty’s father physically abusive, but he was also emotionally and verbally abusive. The man could not and would not accept Monty’s sexuality and he was exceedingly disappointed with Monty’s behavior in social environments to the point where his anger manifested in the worst of ways. Reading about the maltreatment Monty suffered from his father was heartbreaking. And the mother is rarely mentioned in the books, but I assume she’s either useless or helpless since she failed to do anything to help her children.


CALVIN O’KEEFE | A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

I honestly don’t remember Calvin’s role in this book. And in the movie, he seemed even more of a tag-along than he did in the book. The story is mostly about Meg and Charles Wallace’s relationship and their search for their father. Calvin seems to just be going along with the ride and being moral support for Meg. In the end, he’s the love interest, but his role in the whole scheme of things wasn’t all that memorable.


XIFENG | Forest of a Thousand Lanterns

Xifeng was never really kind to begin with and her involvement with the dark arts only served to increase her calculating and deadly ways. She is selfish and ambitious; and her determination to fulfill her destiny as empress leads her down dark paths that she is, at first, unwilling to go, but later comes to fully embrace. She kills those who get in her way, eats others hearts, and serves no one but herself. And she likes it that way.


RONAN | The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

In the books, Ronan is described as fairly intimidating in appearance. He’s got a buzzed head, tattoos, and a scowl he sports maybe 90% of the time. And he’s got a bad attitude. On top of all that, he’s got some mind-boggling abilities and a shaky home life.

HOWEVER, despite his surly demeanor and standoffish ways, Ronan on the inside is deeply caring and even affectionate. He would do anything for Gansey and he loves Adam deeply. He cares for all his friends and his heart is kind, as he’s willing to give and forgive. If you haven’t noticed already, Ronan is my favorite character and I’m dying to read about him (and Adam) again in Call Down the Hawk!!!


Because it’s been so long since this tag has been introduced, I imagine that it’s made its rounds already. Also, I’m lazy. So I won’t be tagging anyone this time. BUT! If you’re interested in trying this tag out, please do. It’s loads of fun and I’m sure icebreaker694 would love to see your answers!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time ❤

Azia Sig

Note: Ouran High Chibi Image Credit: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Ouran-Chibis-no-8-Renge-50409690 . http://icypanther1.deviantart.com/

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  1. Aw thank you so much for doing this tag! I loved the art you used for the characters. And I can’t agree with you more about The Cruel Prince. XD (The art for that one was so pretty! :O) Glad you had fun with the tag!

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