5 Types of Endings I Can’t Stand

It’s the beginning that grabs you and it’s the ending that keeps you. The ending of a book is just as important to me as the beginning. Sometimes, one opening line is enough to hook me and once I’m hooked, I’d love the satisfaction of reading an ending that stays with me just as solidly as the beginning did.

Most books I’ve read recently have started strong and ended strong, but not all books. And there are certain types of endings that I really just can’t stand. You know, those so- stupid-I-just-wanna-throw-the-book-at-the-wall type endings.


The Happily Ever After Ending

giphy-1I used to love this type of ending when I was younger. And I don’t know what happened (maybe I’m bitter?), but now I can’t get on board with this ending unless it’s a YA romance (and even then I’m a little skeptical). Happily ever after ain’t such a bad thing, but happily ever after following a war that claimed lives and put the characters through some scary s**t.

No. How can everyone be all right after that? A perfect ending where the main characters and their best friends come out a little beat up but mostly fine and then live their happiest lives afterward feels like a copout. And having couples perfectly pair off with one another and then live their happily ever after just feels so insincere.

The Vague Ending

giphy-2I’m not talkin’ ambiguous. (I love implied endings). I’m talkin’ vague. Like, you don’t even really understand what just happened sort of ending. An ending that is so strange and inconclusive that you wonder if you missed something when reading the rest of the book.

Vagueness is not the same as ambiguity. One is calculated and intentional, the other is the product of unclearness and indeterminate meaning. And lord knows I can’t handle when an author just decides to end a story on a note that reeks of indistinct purpose.

The Deus Ex Machina Ending

giphy-3For those of you who have never heard the term before, “deus ex machina” means “an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation.” In other words, a whole lotta “well ain’t that a coinkydink?” Everything is falling and tumbling down, but fear not, here comes something or somebody to make it all right just in time before the worst thing can possibly happen.

In some cases, I’m all right with a little deus ex machina, but not when it acts as the resolution to a daring story.

The Take-Back Ending

This is like the fraternal twin to the Happily Ever After ending. I’m a huge fan of endings that kill off one of the main characters or completely destroy the world that was given to us. I love it when authors take a risk and then stick to it. But it bothers me when authors take that leap only to hit the rewind button.


I don’t like being tricked. If you’re gonna destroy me, then destroy me. I’d rather be emotionally crippled by the ending of a book than feel that true, ragged emotional despair, only to have it devalued by a magical ending. Only in some cases am I really happy when a death or tragedy is reversed, but in most cases, I want that turmoil to last as it was meant to.

The Neverending Ending

giphy-5Just end the story, dammit. JUST END IT. Some authors don’t know how to put their book to rest. I’m not talking about spinoffs (I usually enjoy those), I’m talking about endings within a single book that could have ended maybe 200 pages ago. This doesn’t have to do with just the ending but with plotting as well. Some stories are best when they are streamlined. An ending that takes forever to get to and then takes forever to actually end is no fun. NO FUN AT ALL.


There are some other endings that I can’t really get on board with but these are the ones that bother me the most right now. I might share some other endings that piss me off in another post and maybe do a post about endings that I love, but for now, I leave you with this little piece of jadedness.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time ❤

Azia Sig

12 thoughts on “5 Types of Endings I Can’t Stand

  1. This is such a great post!! The kind of ending I hate the most is mainly in YA books where the heroine and the hero marry and have kids and it’s like ??? You’re maybe 18 at the oldest, why are you already doing this? YA books don’t need to have these super happy endings because I feel like all it does is reinforce that teens need to get married and have kids to have a productive life. Does that make sense? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but when I was reading YA at 15/16, I was always annoyed at those endings.

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    1. Thank you! And exactly! I think those endings are just far too un-relatable. They kind of pushed young readers into a very particular mindset, and had them thinking about things that might be best saved for later. The fact that marriage was always the happing ending is kind of disappointing. Happiness can be found in all sorts of ways. So yeah, not a HUGE fan of those endings anymore haha

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  2. This was such an interesting post to read! 😀 Personally I don’t have a type of ending that I can’t stand. I find the execution of the ending more important than the “tropes” it follows. Though I have to agree that take-back endings are seriously frustrating. (Luckily I haven’t encountered many.) Amazing post Azia! ❤ 🙂

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    1. Thanks Anna! If any of these endings are executed well, then I wouldn’t mind much. But some endings I’ve read haven’t been as wonderful as I’d like them to be, no matter the type. Maybe I’m jaded lol. But yeah, I think the take-back endings are the most frustrating, tbh. Risk is always kind of fun LOL. ❤

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  3. i can relate so much to everything in this post, omg! the vague ending is PARTICULARLY frustrating to me, especially when it’s terribly done. like… i get that the book is supposed to be mysterious, but ??? i have so many questions??

    and HAHA, i think i know what types of books you’re talking about when you say overly happy endings :’) *cough* isitSarahJMaas *cough cough*

    also, i never knew what deus ex machina was until now. i’d encountered it before in books and heard the word thrown around in popular culture, but i never actually understood exactly what it meant! so, thank you for enlightening me! ❤

    again, such a lovely post! it's always a delight to see you in my feed:)

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    1. I mean, I’m okay with having some questions at the end of a book, but only if it seems obvious that the author WANTS you to have questions. But when it’s obvious the author just has gaping plot holes and loose ends, THEN I get frustrated by the vagueness LOL.

      *cough*wasitthatobvious?*cough* LOL XD

      Of course! Always glad to shed some light on writing techniques *myeducationhasfinallycomeinhandy*

      Thank you!! ❤ ❤ 😀


  4. Azia! I want names here! Names! Haha I get the first one like … someone cannot be sane after this hell! I understand that people didn’t quite agreed with the one for hunger games, that after all the shxt, they lived happy… ever… after? Did they though? But I like that ending :3

    I feel the take back ending is more like The Last Star? Like if I compared this ending with Allegiant ending… Allegiant was AMAZING and made so much sense and I agreed so much! But for the Star one I just agreed with it haha

    I hate deux ex machina… like… all animes around have that xD

    Great post!!!

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    1. I have a confession to make: I never finished the Hunger Games. Never got around to reading the last book. Of course I know how it ends, and I’m actually okay with that one! I was thinking more along the lines of a certain YA fantasy writer’s books that are really popular right now lol

      Oh my God *ashamed face* I never read the Divergent series either lol. But I know how that ends! Really, any ending that kills off a character but then magically brings them back is the type of take back ending I can’t stand LOL

      Deus ex machina is the backbone of any anime 😂

      Thank you! ❤

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      1. Oh… my… god… that is like my favorite book of all times! Well, saga! haha That ending is so beautiful! ❤ haha I love that you don't want to drop a name there XD

        Agree with the anime part XD and I think I misread you there then XD in the Divergent series, which is really good… haha you should check it out XD… that character does not come back is well gone XD

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      2. Hunger Games was amazing! Even though I didn’t finish the trilogy, it still remains to be one of my favorite dystopians. LOL, well, the author is so well loved that I don’t wanna start anythin haha. But the author’s surname rhymes with Bass….

        I dunno. I tried reading it a while ago but couldn’t get interested. Granted, that was during the time when dystopian reigned supreme. So maybe I was just experiencing burnout? I’ll give it another chance someday! 😀

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      3. Hmmm I have no idea haha but that is fine 😀 and I love the idea of avoiding drama haha It is really good I think it was the one that make them popular again :3 oh well yes! maybe that is why! Everybody wanted a part of the dystopian fame! haha I hope you get to read them and like them! :3

        Happy reading! ❤

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