Wrap Up 2018 | October and November Reads

I haven’t posted since October and now I’m being introduced to the new Editor. I AM SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW. (What even is happening?). I mean, it’s cool and all, but since I’ve been away, it feels like I’m trying to learn how to count again. 

ANYWAYS, back to the point. HELLO. It’s been a minute (again). Now, I’ve taken hiatuses before, mostly because I had been feeling stressed and needed a break from blogging in particular. This time, however, I purposefully kept myself away because I just wanted to READ. I wanted to read just for the fun of it instead of reading to review.

ALSO, there were so many books in my library that I have yet to read that I thought it best that I stay away from the blogosphere so that I wouldn’t be tempted to buy anymore books. It’s been both nice and a little weird not to even LOOK at WordPress for a month. But I got some really great reading done, so I ain’t mad.

I’ll be trying to read the untouched books in my library this month again, but I’ll also be checking back here more often. My list of books to review has gotten too long to ignore any longer, so here I am!

  • DOROTHY MUST DIE | Danielle Page
  • SEA WITCH | Sarah Henning
  • ASYLUM | Madeleine Roux
  • THE VALIANT | Lesley Livingston
  • WE WERE LIARS | E. Lockhart
  • SADIE | Courtney Summers

Because I didn’t post much of anything for either October and November, all my other sections seem unnecessary. So that’s all for now! I just wanted to share some of the amazing books I managed to read while away. Expect reviews for most of these books! I don’t know when they’ll be posted, but they will be some day….

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time ❀

12 thoughts on “Wrap Up 2018 | October and November Reads

  1. Oh yes, sometimes you need a bit of a break to remember to read for fun, and not only to review the books afterwards πŸ™‚ You’ve read some great books, I loved We Were Liars and The Loneliest Girl so much πŸ˜€

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  2. Well I think that’s a great thing to take out of time to read πŸ™‚ I’ve been really curious about dorothy must die and sea witch. And American street looks great too πŸ™‚ And great that you read we were liars- hope you liked it! Awesome wrap up πŸ™‚

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    1. Dorothy Must Die is very entertaining. Not the best written book, but it’s got some cool concepts! And Sea Witch is lovely. Slower than expected and much more like a magical realism book in some ways. The ending was brilliant. Definitely recommend. We Were Liars was such a surprise. Didn’t know I’d love it that much πŸ˜€ Thank you!


  3. Oh I know how it feels when you need a break every so often, that was pretty much the whole of November for me when it came to reading, writing and blogging. πŸ™‚ You got through some great books though; I have The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy on my to-read list, I’m hoping to start it this week, but I can’t wait because I’ve heard incredible things about it. Also Sadie is a book I want to try and get through this month. I’m actually going to get the audiobook version (because people have said it’s one of those books which is maybe better to read as an audiobook).
    I hope you enjoyed all those books, and I hope you have a brilliant December as well Azia. Great post. πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. Yup, sometimes those breaks are really beneficial. I feel rejuvenated now haha. I hope you love Lady’s Guide! I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first but it’s still pretty fantastic. Oh please try Sadie. Hands down one of the best contemporaries I’ve read this year.
      Thanks so much Beth ❀ πŸ˜€

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      1. I have The Lady’s Guide on my TBR list next. I actually just finished Sadie now and LOVED it. I read it as an audiobook and it was just incredible but that ending was brutal and completely heartbreaking!
        That’s all right. πŸ™‚ ❀️

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