Spooky Reads and Netflix Watches to Darken Your Days Up To Halloween

Halloween is getting closer and closer and I can’t tell you how excited I am!


I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be this Halloween (last year I was Rosie the Riveter) but I’m leaning towards Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service or a Greek tragedy (like Medusa or Achilles).

These past few days I’ve been loading up on some darker content to get ready for the creepiest day of the year and I thought I’d share a bit of my watchlist and reading list with y’all to help you through to October 31st!




Do you like baking? Would you like to watch a master baker share some of her brilliance? Do you like dark humor and stylish costumes? Do you like silly puppets like when you were young? And do you like dark and spooky designs? If you said yes to any of these things, then I highly recommend you check out this strange delight of a show.




I just started watching this one, but I have to say that it’s already shot its way up as one of my favorite horror shows, and favorite shows in general. The cinematography, the acting, the production design, the direction, and the constant eerie vibe make this an unforgettable haunting watch for October.



Though CGI can do amazing things for a screenplay, there’s nothing like old-fashioned make-up and prosthetics to make a film really shine. This film is very strange but it’s also a great piece of story-telling. If you’re interested in a Basquian descent into Hell and Faustian bargains, I think you might enjoy this.



You really can’t go wrong with Supernatural. A superb cast, amazing humor, fun mysteries, cool monsters, and angel/demon references make this a wonderful addition to anyone’s watchlist!



This animated film is a lot darker than I think people realize. I thought it was pretty creepy when I was younger and I still think it’s creepy now. The 3D stop-motion and color palette make this a stand out as well as the unquestionably freaky third act in the film. Button eyes still make me shiver.



This is for the big league horror freaks. If you can stand slasher films and want to move up to something more supernatural and psychological, The Conjuring is your film. I don’t think many horror films actually scare me, but this one for sure did. I was TERRIFIED after watching this film, even after watching it with six other girls…



Zombie films can seem a bit repetitive and so it’s hard to find one that is really unique. All zombie concepts eventually seem too similar. You either get slow zombies like The Walking Dead or hella fast ones like 28 Days Later and World War Z. And the characters are usually just meh. So I started looking for zombie films with more substance and I found that in this French zombie film! It’s much more artistic than your usual zombie flick so be prepared if you end up checking this out!



For those of you who don’t know, penny dreadfuls were a series of cheap literature produced back in the 19th century. The subject matter often varied but was gothic in nature; Vampires, werewolves, and witches gained even more literary popularity during this time. The show builds off this phenomena and brings these stories to life in the Victorian era. It’s dark, erotic, and filled with well-known monsters we’ve come to love. And the cast is superb. Fans of Eva Green will adore her even more after watching this series.



I’ve watched three seasons of this show, though not in order. I just finished Murder House and I’ve also watched Hotel and Roanoke. But this series isn’t your usual horror. It rides more on the gory and the peculiar rather than run-of-the-mill jumpscares. Much of it is slow burn and character focused. I’d look into it if only to see how brilliant Jessica Lange and Evan Peters are.




I never really watched the original Sabrina series, but this darker version of it seems more to my taste. Check out the trailer and see if it interests you! I know it does for me and I can’t wait to see what horrific adventures await.




IT | Stephen King

If you despise clowns and want to justify why you dislike them, then this book will certainly give you reasons to be afraid of them. And if you don’t have a fear of them, you will after reading this long and terrifying journey.


HOUSE OF FURIES | Madeleine Roux

It’s not the best book I’ve read, but it’s got all the wicked and terrible things you look for during this time of the month. Devils, demons, witches, ghouls, and the like. You know, classic horror fiction. And the book itself is GORGEOUS.



We all know fairytales were originally dark cautionary tales told to children. And Leigh Bardugo blessed us with some new ones to entertain ourselves with. The illustrations and grim nature of these stories will definitely feed the darkness in you.


DREAD NATION | Justina Ireland

Zombies can be considered a tired concept, but not all stories about them are. This book feels fresh and new with its unreliable yet badass narrator/protagonist who is also a woman of color and non-heterosexual. Also, the time period is during the post-Civil War era. Need I go on?



Dark mystery and grisly detail give this book a well-earned place in YA horror fiction. Murders made to look like the work of Dracula himself can only encourage lovers of vampire lore to give this book a try.



I’m not a huge fan of the glitzy and glamorous versions of vampires. So I have Holly Black to thank for this wonderfully horrific tale of hideous vampires and endless misery. The characters aren’t all that amazing and the story is a bit dull but the atmosphere and chilling concept are 100% creeptastic.




I love the film When A Stranger Calls and this book’s title reminds me of it. I’m more frightened by quiet thrillers that hold a grain of reality in them than outright gorefests. So, this book calls to me this October.


COURT OF SHADOWS | Madeleine Roux

The second book to House of Furies! I’m really looking forward to diving back into this eerie and disturbing tale.


THE WICKED DEEP | Shea Earnshaw

Can’t have a proper Halloween without exploring a tale about witches! I’ve heard this is a good one so it’s on my list to read. I might not read it before October ends but at least I’ll have it in my arsenal for next year!


There are so many other great reads and watches, but I couldn’t include them all. This post would be way too hella long for all that LOL.

But there are other watches that aren’t on Netflix you might also check out: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, and Halloweentown among many.

As for reads, I don’t actually read all that much horror fiction, so if you have any other recommendations, feel free to share!

Until then, thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time ❀

Azia Sig



15 thoughts on “Spooky Reads and Netflix Watches to Darken Your Days Up To Halloween

  1. This is such an awesome post Azia!! I’m always looking for more horror recs, so this is invaluable! I loved The Haunting of Hill House, it was done so well. I’m also really excited to watch The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell — it looks so cool! I also just finished reading It by Stephen King a couple of days ago. Didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, but I’m glad I read it.
    Great post! Also I love your background for halloween haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I love Curious Creations. It’s so quirky and fun. Easy to binge too LOL. IT doesn’t always work for some readers, but there are some things to appreciate about it. I would never reread that book, but at least I have the memory of a creepy clown to carry around with me at all times πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
      Thanks again! πŸ’•

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  2. I’m really interested in The Haunting of Hill House, but I’m unsure if I want to read the book first or watch the show. I was thinking about reading the book first?
    The Conjuring is one of my favourite horror movies! I prefer horror movies about ghosts and the supernatural, so this one was perfect for me. It terrified me as well, though it doesn’t help that I watched it during a sleepover and all of us were freaked out! XD
    I have only watched the first seasons of Penny Dreadful and American Horror Story, but I enjoyed what I saw a lot! I seriously need to continue with both of those shows. Amazing post! ❀ πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I heard the show was one of the best horror adaptations made in a while. Very true to the book. So no matter if you decide to read or watch first, both seem to be great choices πŸ˜€
      I LOVE The Conjuring. Most horror films don’t really freak me out, but the supernatural ones can get me. Conjuring is ridiculously unsettling haha
      Love love love Penny Dreadful. More than AHS even, so I definitely encourage that one. AHS can be a hit or miss for some seasons but overall, it’s a pretty solid horror series πŸ˜€
      Thanks so much! Enjoy your spooky shows and books! ❀

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  3. Granted I’m not a massive fan of Halloween, but I love reading and watching TV even when it’s “horror” TV. I’ve heard amazing things about The Haunting of Hill House, I feel like that may be a little too scary for me, but oh I used to love Supernatural (I’m seriously behind on the seasons now so I feel like it’s more a case of will I catch up rather than when I catch up you know?)
    The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a show I have bee so excited for ever since I heard it was in the works, I need to watch Riverdale first but I can’t wait to get around to it.
    The Language of Thorns is a perfect Halloween read in my mind, and honestly the tone of that book is about as Halloween-y as I like my books and TV shows to actually be! πŸ˜€
    Great post Azia, great recommendations too, and I hope you have a great Halloween. πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. The Haunting of Hill House starts out really scary but then it evolves into something much more emotional. Definitely worth a watch. I’m waaaay behind on Supernatural too haha. I’m only on season 8. I picked up on the awesomeness of the show far too late now I’m stuck playing catch. I might not ever catch up. The show might go off before I finally do.
      I still need to watch season 2 of Riverdale but I’ve heard the show has kinda gone to weird places since the end of season 1 so I’m a little wary about continuing.
      Thanks so much, Beth!
      (P.S.) So sorry for the hella late response

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m a little further ahead on Supernatural than you are then, but I feel like based on my current motivation to start watching the show again you’ll be ahead of me before too long.
        I’ve heard that too, I dunno I’ll give it a go, I’ll just have to see if it goes to too weird places for me. πŸ™‚

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