October TBR

I want to read some spooky books but there are so many unread books on my shelves of non-scary origins that I should probably just forget about that fantasy and just focus on cutting down my massive TBR.

On top of my unread books in my room, there are also so many amazing October releases this year. And I want to read quite a few of them right when I get them in my hands. So, this is the TBR I’ve come up with based around those releases and the poor unread releases in my room.

October Releases

These are the three October releases I plan to read during the actual month of their release. I’ll save some of the other amazing releases for another day…


This has been a long-awaited release. I adored the first book. I’m so excited to dive back into the magical world of Weep and to revisit some amazing characters!


It’s Felicity’s turn! Besides Monty, I absolutely loved Felicity. She’s smart, funny, and willing to educate herself in things she does not understand. So excited to see her as the protagonist of her own story!

WHAT IF IT’S US | Adam Silvera & Becky Albertalli

This one flew onto my radar last month when everybody began talking about it in the blogging community. Silvera knows how to make your heart cry and Albertalli knows how to lift it up so I’m really curious to see how this book turns out!!

Unread Books on My Shelves

BRIGHT WE BURN | Kiersten White

I neeeeed to read this ending. I’m expecting something kind of vicious and bittersweet.


My friend sent this to me as a gift about a month ago. I need to read it soon so we can chat about it.

THE HATE YOU GIVE | Angie Thomas

I had been meaning to read this book ever since I bought it last year. But I’ve just set it aside time and time again because I was afraid. But now I’m ready. Especially since the film is coming out this month!

Still Reading

I’m still reading Clockwork Prince because I’m doing a buddy read with Daan @ A Library Monster, so it’s going to take us some time.

On the other hand, while I like Sea Witch, it’s a bit too slow for me. It’s easy for me to set down and not pick up again for a while. BUT, I’m determined to finish it, so I will. Hopefully by the end of this weekend!


I don’t think I’ll manage to read all these books, or rather, I don’t think I’ll keep to this TBR as well as I want to. I’m sure there will be some random reads in there somewhere. I’m already listening to another audiobook, Dorothy Must Die. I’ve also got another audiobook on deck, American Street by Ibi Zoboi. So we’ll see how it all goes! Azia Sig


15 thoughts on “October TBR

  1. Wow that is a lot of books, but I’m sure you’ll make it through them all and based on what you have on this post and what I know from what I’ve read I’m sure you’ll love them all too. 🙂 Muse of Nightmares is high on my TBR list, my copy has finally arrived I just have a few books I need to get around to first before I can pick it up, but I can’t wait, and oh I recently finished What If It’s Us and loved it. Hopefully you’ll feel the same when you get around to reading it. 🙂
    Great post, and happy reading Azia. ❤️

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    1. I really hope so too! I finished Sea Witch finally! I’m so glad I made it through to the end because that conclusion was something else. As for Clockwork Prince, I couldn’t stop myself from reading all the way to the end. Now I remember why it was my favorite of the trio I think. Though I have to read Clockwork Princess to be sure. I hope you love Muse of Nightmares. I’m finally getting to it now and I’m just so excited to dive back into the world of Weep. And that’s wonderful to hear. All the more reason to look forward to What If It’s Us. Thanks so much, Beth ❤

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      1. Yay, and oh did you enjoy it? The ending was definitely worth it, I didn’t see any of it coming from what I remember. Clockwork Princess is my favourite, but to be honest the whole trilogy was amazing.
        Thanks, I’m hoping to get back into the world of Weep soon, and there’s never too many reasons to look forwards to What If It’s Us.
        That’s all right. 🙂 ❤

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      2. By the end, I think I did. It took me a while to get into it, to be truthful. So I was thankful when things started picking up by the end.
        I’m slowly working my way through Muse! I got distracted by a kindle series called Iron Breakers. It’s actually pretty good. But now I’m going back to Muse haha. I hope you enjoy Muse once/if you’ve gotten around to it!

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      3. Yeah, that’s the way I’ve decided to read now. I used to read one book at a time, and sometimes forced myself to finish a book before beginning a new one. Now I just read according to my mood. Works much better, and keeps me invested in all my books!

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  2. Oh I cannot wait to read Muse of Nightmares, it has great reviews which doesn’t surprise me because it’s Laini Taylor. I highly recommend The Hate U Give, it is a great book. I can’t wait to see the movie actually, it’s gotten some really great reviews as well. Good luck with your TBR!!!

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    1. Oh I can’t wait either! After finally finishing my other two reads, I’m finally gonna start Muse! I’m certain it’ll be just as good as the reviews say 😀 Laini almost always tells a fantastic story. I’ve heard great things about the THUG film too. I’m debating now if I want to see them movie first and then read the book though…

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  3. Oh I’m so, so, very happy to see What If It’s Us on your list, I recently read that one and I loved it so, so much! I hope you will too 🙂 I’m also eager for you to read The Hate U Give, it’s an incredible, powerful and so important debut, I hope you’ll love it 🙂
    Happy reading!! 🙂

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