Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Magic Systems

Surprisingly, there aren’t that many books that I’ve read where magic is an inherently large part of a society’s system. But there are a few magical elements in books that I remember reading and loving. These are the ones that have stuck with me over the years! And of course, expect a bonus section πŸ˜‰

According to Goodreads: “This October, T5W is exploring not only the paranormal, but also magic and wizardry in general!”Divider

CARAVAL TRILOGY | Stephanie Garber

The magic of Caraval is not so much a system as it is a phenomena. The entire world doesn’t seem to operate on a magical system, but people are aware that there is magic in the world, particularly in the traveling circus/game/microcosm, Caraval. One man, named Legend, is basically magic incarnate and his abilities allow him to create an everlasting game dripping in magic and wonder. And I’m just in love with the way Garber describes Caraval and its supernatural environment.


The setting of this series is already brilliant; the four Londons inter-dimensional geography offers up so many possibilities. And this layout is further highlighted by the concept of Antari, magicians who are able to pass through dimension doors to visit the Londons. On top of that magical aspect is the concept of persons who are able to wield magic based on the elements. A simple concept, but one that never gets old. And the magical competition in the second book only made this idea even more entertaining!


I’m new to this series but I’m already fully invested in this wizarding world of magic. Everything about Harry Potter is brilliant: from the well-defined characters to the robust world-building. There’s no mistaking the magic that is purely Hogwarts and the history that it provides. There really is no other magic system like the one in Harry Potter. It’s wholly unique and wonderful.


There is so much to love about this series. Karou is a fantastic protagonist and the themes about war and discrimination are something to never forget. What’s more, the magic held in the Chimera community is stunning. According to myth, chimeras are creatures sporting parts from several different animals. Well, Taylor runs with this and goes a step further in creating a system in which chimeras may be created by the accumulation of animal teeth and the soul of the original chimera. So a chimera can be reincarnated so long as the soul is saved and there are enough teeth to go around. Dark, but brilliant.

THE RAVEN CYCLE Β | Maggie Stiefvater

The magic of the Raven Cycle is a smart mix of many different magics: natural magic, ceremonial/high magic, white magic, dark magic, and metaphysical magic. And together, it makes Raven boy magic. The magic glides between concepts of time and place, illusion and creation. It is learned and inherent and purely other, making the magic system of this series seem even more otherworldly and eerie than usual.Divider

DividerThanks for stopping by! Until next time ❀

Azia Sig

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Magic Systems

  1. I love this list! The magic systems in Harry Potter and Daughter of Smoke and Bone are two of my favorites as well, they’re both so well thought out, but still not so overly explained that they lose the, well the magic.

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  2. So many of these are favourites of mine because of the world building. The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy made me want to visit Prague, because the way Laini Taylor wrote it made it sound so magical, and I would LOVE to live in Red London. It’s all the amazement of ordinary London but with magic and I am so there for that! πŸ˜€
    It only made your honorary picks but I think The Night Circus has my favourite magical world, I just loved the circus and everything about it, and actually it’s always my answer for the question ‘what bookish world would you want to live in’.
    Great post, and great picks as well. πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. So thankful for all these authors and the amazing worlds they build πŸ˜€ The Night Circus will always be one of my favorites. The world those characters lived in is so otherworldly and memorable. I’ve always wanted to live there since reading too ❀
      Thanks so much πŸ˜€

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