Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Covers

Boy oh boy, ain’t this a hard one. I mean, half my book buys are based on the covers. WHAT IS THIS TOPIC??? It’s so hard to choose. To help myself, I’m going to narrow it down to favorite covers that I own. That way, I can at least stop myself from thinking about all the amazing covers I’ve picked up in the last couple of years.

Obviously, there’s going to be a bonus section today because I can’t really just boil it down to five.

According to Goodreads:We’ve done this topic in the past, but with so many new, beautiful covers, it is time for an update!”



To be real, I cut this list down from 22 to 5. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, I tell you because there are soooooo many gorgeous book covers out there.

I Love The Hazel Wood‘s Cover Because:

The golden filigree really catches the eye and the intricate yet whimsical design makes this cover a standout. The three color palette is striking and the fantastical landscape surrounding the title holds much more narrative depth than meets the eye.

I Love Magonia‘s Cover Because:

The dreamlike quality of the feather breaking down into birds and golden embers is just plain gorgeous. And the color scheme is so lovely. Even though I couldn’t finish this book, I refuse to give it up solely based on its shelf aesthetic.

I Love And I Darken‘s Cover Because:

Purple is one of my favorite colors and the image of the lavender petals against the pitch black backdrop driven through the center by a silver spear is just brilliant. The slight glow in the center helps to smooth the colors and alleviate the boldness of the design. Also, the HD quality of the cover image earns some extra brownie points.

I Love Sadie‘s Cover Because:

White, black, and red are a classic color combo that can’t help but make you stop and stare. I’m just absolutely enchanted by the harmony between the stark white background, the bold black letters, the finely penciled grey hair, and the striking red watercolor-like jacket.

I Love A List of Cages‘s Cover Because:

The classic white, blue, and yellow scheme are eye-catching. The illustrator made clever use of the white space and the bright yellow stars just fill me with good vibes. I also love how the blue silhouette of the boy and the shape beneath him is open to interpretation. It can be the peak of a mountain, the end of a road, as well as his shadow extending outwards. And that’s the kind of abstract cover I adore.





9 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Covers

  1. Oh I would not be able to only pick five. I am a sucker for a gorgeous cover and I feel like every book I’ve ever picked up has been because there’s a pretty cover that’s caught my eye. I know they were only your bonus picks but I love the covers for Strange the Dreamer, Caraval (though I have to admit I do prefer the UK ones to the US ones for those two books), The Raven Cycle and The Night Circus.
    My favourite cover would probably be the US version of the Shades of Magic series, I actually brought those versions (paid the massive shipping fees) to get my own copies. 😀
    Great post, and great picks for this topic too. 🙂 ❤️

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    1. Yeah this was a hard topic to do. So many beautiful covers nowadays. And I definitely agree about Caraval. I prefer the UK versions of the covers for those books, and the UK version of Strange the Dreamer too! The US covers for Shades of Magic are lovely aren’t they!? I love the abstract quality to them! LOL, I’ll probably end up paying massive shipping fees one day for some other books I already have. Caraval is on the list already haha.
      Thank you Beth! 💕

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      1. One of the main reasons I love the UK covers for Caraval (and Legendary too) is because of the secret covers underneath the dust jacket, without them I’d put both of them on equal grounds.
        They really are, and well the Shades of Magic series is one of my all-time faves so it was money well spent I thought.
        That’s all right. 🙂 ❤

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      2. Oooh love the idea of a secret cover. I can imagine how gorgeous those Caraval covers would be. So glad we’ve been gifted with such beautiful books these recent years

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  2. Aaaaahhhh all those covers!! I honestly couldn’t agree more, except for maybe the contemporary ones which fail a little bit to awe me… I prefer whimsical, kind of epic like and complex designs, which contemporaries don’t have (and makes sense not to have them).

    The only expection is probably The Night Circus, though I’m not sure if it’s a contemporary or not. Anyway, loved your list, Azia, and definitely would need a bonus section myself if I were to do it hahaha

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    1. Yeah, most contemporary covers don’t really amaze me. List of Cages was kind of an exception. But The Hazel Wood, The Night Circus, and And I Darken are the type of covers I’m usually drawn to. I can’t stand faces on covers anymore LOL.
      Thank you! 💕💕

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