Ten Netflix Originals I Think You Should Watch

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix lately and I got to thinking that maybe I should put a list together of all the shows I’ve enjoyed. But then that would be too much, so I thought that maybe I should just share the Netflix originals I’ve enjoyed recently.

I won’t be including too many shows that have been hyped up and seen by most if not every human being in existence (i.e. Stranger Things). I’m sharing the ones people may have heard of but might not have taken the time to see yet! I’ve got all different genres you can choose from, so hopefully there’s something on here that piques your interest!



Oh please please please watch this one. It’s AMAZING. Directed by Guillermo Del Toro himself (director of Pan’s Labyrinth), this CG animation is packed full of action, humor, awesome characters, and above all else, a suspenseful and thrilling plot. It’s a bit more dark and sophisticated than your typical child’s cartoon, that’s for sure.


Peaky Blinders


If you love movies or shows about gangs, then this is the series for you. Cillian Murphy is mesmerizing as a British gangster. The cinematography is gorgeous, the music is outrageously good, the costumes are on point, and the cunning of this close-knit band of criminals is unmatched. Definitely one of the best series, I think.

BoJack Horseman


At first I wasn’t down with the art for this show. Also, the concept of anthropomorphic animals and humans having interspecies relationships was weird. But don’t let that fool you! This series is, hands down, one of the most insightful and genuine shows I’ve watched. The voice acting alone is award-worthy, but the messages it contains (mostly about depression) are plenty and beautifully conveyed.

Little Witch Academia


A unique design, gorgeous color palette, eccentric and lovable characters, enchanting storyline, and slice of life vibe make this cute little anime one of my favorites! I HIGHLY recommend for those who are looking for a bit of magic in their lives.

Devilman Crybaby


This is the newest anime Netflix has to offer and it’s definitely one of the best. I warn you though, this isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s a plethora of explicit content: sex, gore, violence, language. But it all works in this experimental and bizarre yet genius series.

Anne with an “E”


A somewhat darker version of Anne of Green Gables, this Netflix adaptation succeeds in its set pieces and the actors’ spell-binding performances. It’s a feel-good sort of story that packs an emotional punch.

The Crown


I love historical pieces and this is one of the best on television right now. Filled with fantastic performances, brilliant costuming, juicy drama, and surprising suspense, this show about Queen Elizabeth II and her ongoing reign is downright captivating.

Voltron: Legendary Defender


I know there’s already a huge following for this series. I just want to remind people to watch this amazing piece of animation. It’s fun, hilarious,  heartwarming, and just plain good storytelling.

Alias Grace


This is another of Margaret Atwood’s stories brought to life on-screen. The lead performance of Grace Marks by Sarah Gadon is spectacular. The supporting actors and actresses were also amazing in their roles. It’s tragic, dark, and uniquely odd.



Probably one of the most mind-bending series I’ve watched recently. This show has been compared to both Stranger Things (though I don’t really see why) and Twin Peaks; however, I think this German fantasy sci-fi thriller is in another league all its own. It takes awhile to get going, but once it does, it’s really easy to get invested in this confusing and tense-filled mystery! Definitely recommend for those who love a challenge!


These are only a few of the Netflix originals I have watched and would recommend. Of course I’d recommend the other well-known originals: Unfortunate Series of Events, Stranger Things, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Defenders, The Incredible Jessica, and so many more! There are still a few more originals on my list that I’d like to check out.

What’d you think of my list? Love any of the titles listed, too? Got any recommendations for me?

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time!

Azia Sig

22 thoughts on “Ten Netflix Originals I Think You Should Watch

    1. Season 1 of Trollhunters was amazing! I’m slowly making my way through the second season, but it’s still pretty good! And yeah, Peaky Blinders is fantastic. I plan to watch the newest season soon!


    1. Netflix has so many originals now. It’s so hard to keep up! But i’d definitely put Dark up there. It’s different and pretty thrilling. Highly recommend 😀


  1. Yessss Little Witch Academia is so underrated!! The animation is amazing in that show omggg. Also VOLTRON!! I love Voltron…though I’ve read more fanfic then watched the show ups.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it?!?! I just loved it so much! So cute and fun. And Voltron is fantastic. Love all the characters and the animation itself is gorgeous. Can’t wait for the next season. Hopefully it’ll focus more on Shiro! I have yet to read fanfics about it, but I’m really interested in reading some.


      1. I really hope Voltron gets some LGBTQ+ canon representation because that’d be great!! I mean I really like what they already did with Pidge and ahhHhHHh ok she’s my fave character so I’m hopeful pretty pleaseeee. And Shiro IS GREAT OK SPACE DAD IS THE ACTUAL BEST.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh I really hope so too! It’s fairly progressive so I’m sure the directors will get there soon 😀 And YES. Shiro is the #1 Space Dad!! I love how Dreamworks actually agrees with it now haha


    1. Thank you! And I started watching 3% a while back but forgot to continue on with it. I got distracted by some of my other shows. But I’ll get back to it one day. It has mostly positive reviews, from what I hear!


      1. Yes, it’s a really great show! It’s definitely one worth watching in the original language with subtitles tho, the English dubbing sucks 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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