Thoughts on City of Bones | Buddy Q&A with Daan @ A Library Monster

Hello bookish friends!

I did a buddy read with Daan @ A Library Monster and we finished up City of Bones about a week ago. Now it’s time to share our thoughts with you! I’m a little late in posting this (because I’m just a terrible person and I can’t seem to get my posts in on time no matter how much I’d like to 😂). Instead of doing a regular ole’ review, Daan and I thought we would spice it up just a bit and post a Q&A instead 😉

We sent each other our own set of Qs, and so if you’d like to see my answers, go ahead and visit Daan’s lovely post here.

Here are Daan’s awesome reactions to her first time reading City of Bones.


Q: Which was your favorite part of the story? Any part that captivated you the most?

Daan: Definitely the second half of the book! By then things started to accelerate, and our little Clary starts to step up her game! It’s also the part where I start to have a teeeny weeny mindblow 😂

Q: Were there any characters that stood out for you? Any character that was magnificent in every single way?

Daan: YES. Simon. You could say he’s my favorite character !! I have a soft spot for sidekicks, especially underrated ones. I really wish Simon could be the hero, or at least have his own point of view. That would be fantastic ! I LOVE HIM SO MUCHHH

Q: Was there a character(s) that you just couldn’t stand and would have liked to throw off a cliff or, possibly, into a very deep ditch?

Daan: I hope no one murders me when I say Isabelle XD She was just annoying in every way to me; I definitely hate the Absolutely Perfect in Every Way (TM) character. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes she made me like her with her actions, but other times I thought she’d be stronger and do more than what she actually did !

Q: OTPs. Name ’em. And which is your favorite?

Daan: I suspects it defeats the whole purpose, but I equally ship Clary x Jace, and Clary x Simon. Jace is simply THE sass itself, that personality of his is unforgettable. And I want to hug Simon SUPER bad 💓

Q: How would you describe the writing? Exciting? Clever? Mundane? 

Daan: Buh-Dum Tssssssss. That pun simply is. 😂 I’d say I didn’t feel it was anything special mostly, and the very last part was simply THE confusion, but let me simply add that Cassandra Clare can drop one heck of a Plot Twist Bomb.

Q: Is this the type of book you would recommend to someone?

Daan: Yeah. I would recommend this book to anyone who’d like to read fantasy mingled with everyday life, get hit with the unexpectable, and doesn’t like to let go of fantasy worlds too fast.

Q: If you could choose only one element of the story that was done best, which element would you choose?

Daan: The world-building. This is a huge series, and the first book was mostly an introduction to how everything works, an explanation of the tools, the concepts, the creatures that will be mentioned in the rest of the series. A big part of it was dedicated to building your knowledge of what happened in the past, in relation to what happens in the present. So that you know the chain of events leading up to now.

I think building the past is part of world-building too. That’s what makes it realistic; Any fantasy world must not ignore the effects of the world-scale events on the present of individuals and nations.

Q: Which is the weakest aspect of this book: The pacing? The characters? The world-building? The plot?

Daan: The pacing. I thought the book went slow in the first part, which makes sense of course, because that’s where Clary almost literally plunges head first into EVERYthing, also while being a small useless little kid. *hides from incoming tomatoes*

Q: If you had only ten seconds to pay a compliment to Cassie Clare about this book, what would you say?

Daan: THE CHARACTERS. Simply HOW come you made them so alive ???

Q: Is there any part of the book you wish you could have been there to experience?

Daan: Clary’s birthday. The moonflowers. I’d loooove to see them ! In my mind’s eye it was something so beautiful 😭 Which simply sounds like I’m either a psychic or a psycho.

Q: Which character do you best identify with?

Daan: Again, Simon. Small, desperate and soft little character. I see myself in this one 😄

Q: Imagine yourself in a character’s shoes during a specific event that takes place in the book. What would you have done differently (or the same) in their place??

Daan: Uuuuhhhh… Get killed halfway through the first chapter 😄

Q: What is your overall rating?

Daan: 4 Stars. It feels very 4-starry… starrish ? Dunno. You get the idea 😂 it was a great book, but it wasn’t a 5-star one, I hope the next books in the series are 5-star ones 💓


If interested, my thoughts on City of Bones will be hanging out at Daan’s blog! I was a little extra on my answers. Because Lord knows I have no chill 😂

What were your thoughts on City of Bones?? Feel free to answer any of our Qs if you’d like. We’d love to hear your thoughts! 😀

As always, thanks for stopping by and I’ll see ya soon <3

Azia Sig

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