Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Creepy Settings

I skipped the first topic for this month’s Top 5 Wednesday because it was about books featuring witches, and honestly, I’ve only read about two series with witches (The Summoning and the Half Bad series). But today’s topic, favorite creepy settings, is one I can definitely do!

According to Goodreads: “These don’t have to be from horror books, but any setting from any book that gave you the heebie jeebies…in a good way.”

I’ve read quite a few books with intentional creepy settings and some that are unintentionally creepy. Here are a few of the most memorable creepy settings I’ve read!


Wonderland | Splintered

Wonderland from the original tale as well as from the Disney film, in many ways, can be seen as a creepy manifestation of a unique author’s unhindered imagination (on LSD…) However, A.G. Howard bumped it up a notch in her dark, perturbing version of Wonderland that involves a lot more blood, secrets, and malicious (even carnivorous) creatures than anticipated. I may not like this book all that much, but the setting is stunningly disturbing and vivid, a winner on all accounts.


Derry | IT

I just watched the film for this movie, and I was reminded how creepy the town of Derry is. Children go missing in large numbers every 27 years, all because a carnivorous demon in the shape of Pennywise the Dancing Clown feeds upon fear and human flesh. I mean, come on man. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF CLOWNS. But not only that, some of the kids’ parents are horribly abusive or are just off their rocker and blood-thirsty bullies are running around town terrorizing their victims. Derry is a scary place.


White London | Shades of Magic

Red London is gorgeously tinted in shades of red, Grey London lacks explosive colors and is fairly normal, and Black London is deserted and heavy with darkness. Sure, of those three, Black would be the creepiest, but White London is a bit more creepy to me. A world devoid of most color, white-washed and bleak like an abandoned hospital, filled with people but absent of vibrant life, and on the verge of completely dying is much creepier to me than an empty world that was lost long ago.


The Grey Land | The Call

I did not like this book. However, the creepy setting and atmosphere won it some points. The Grey Land is the only thing I really remember about this book besides the gruesome deaths. The Grey Land is the dimension where murderous Fae reside, and this land is awash in grey, barren, and crawling with creatures intent on savagely mutilating and slaughtering teenage children. It’s a horrendously unusual and creepy world I would never like to find myself stumbling into.


Gomorrah | Daughter of the Burning City

The setting of Gomorrah is not just a traveling circus, but also a moving city with a curious nature and visible personality. There is quite a bit of darkness weaved into this strange and dangerous collection of odd folks and mysterious entertainers. There are thieves and liars, crooks of all types really, as well as a little family of freaks that have no eyes, can bend their bones, can breathe fire, and can survive beheadings. Unusual and creepy, just the way I like it.

And that’s it!  What are some of your favorite creepy settings? Agree with some of mine? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

As usual, thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you guys soon! ❤

Azia Sig

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Creepy Settings

  1. It was so creepy I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! The movie was amazing honestly and Pennywise is the reason I’m scared of clowns now forever!!! And White London is so unsettling in a good creepy “nope nopity nope” kind of way!

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    1. IT was such a fantastic adaptation of the novel. The kids were spectacular and Bill Skarsgard as the clown was near perfect. I thought he captured the creepy intensity of Pennywise so well. A great movie! Can’t wait for the second half. And I know right? I don’t think I’d ever like to visit White London as it was :/

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