Mini Reviews: Geekerella and Glitter


Geekerella | Ashley Poston

Book Details

Hardcover: 320 pages

Publisher: Quirk Books

Publication Date: April 4, 2017

Goodreads Synopsis

“Anything can happen once upon a con…

When geek girl Elle Wittimer sees a cosplay contest sponsored by the producers of Starfield, she has to enter. First prize is an invitation to the ExcelsiCon Cosplay Ball and a meet-and-greet with the actor slated to play Federation Prince Carmindor in the reboot. Elle’s been scraping together tips from her gig at the Magic Pumpkin food truck behind her stepmother’s back, and winning this contest could be her ticket out once and for all—not to mention a fangirl’s dream come true…more

I loved this book! While there is a great amount of originality found in the author’s fandom storyline and her addition of ethnically and sexually diverse characters, the tale falls back on Disney-like tropes and clichés that are sweet and perfectly fitting for this Cinderella retelling.

The characters are well developed and easy to care for. Both Darien and Elle share a deep fascination for Starfield and their mutual love for the show eventually leads them to form an unexpected yet adorable bond. Elle’s home life is maddening, as expected, and Darien’s life of fame also proves to be a suffocating experience. But they both find an escape in a fantasy world filled with stars and adventure. I enjoyed reading both their perspectives and it was easy to form a genuine attachment to both characters as a result.

The ExcelsiCon Cosplay competition was, hands down, the highlight of the story. It was written beautifully and Elle’s transformation stirred up the most emotion from me. Elle’s love for her deceased parents was possibly the most heartwarming and saddening aspect of the book, and her tribute to them was a memorable one.

This was an undeniably fun and quirky read with tons of geeky references that I couldn’t help but appreciate. I’d recommend this book to anyone with geekish tendencies and a love for fairytales.

My Rating:

4.5 stars


Glitter | Aprilynn Pike

Book Details

Hardcover: 384 pages

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: October 25, 2016

Goodreads Synopsis

“A royal murder. The promise of a throne she never wanted. And a glittering drug that is her only way out.

Outside the Palace of Versailles, it’s modern day. Inside, the people dress, eat, and act like it’s the eighteenth century. The palace has every indulgence, but for one pretty young thing, it’s about to become a very beautiful prison.

When Danica witnesses an act of murder by the young king, her mother makes a cruel power play…blackmailing the king into making Dani his queen. When she turns eighteen, Dani will marry the most ruthless and dangerous man of the court. She has six months to escape her terrifying destiny. Six months to raise enough money to disappear into the real world beyond the palace gatesmore


Glitter is an inventive, genre-bending tale that joins the past with the future. The author skillfully incorporates the culture and traditions of French court during the reign of King Louis XIV, and combines that historic world with modern business operations and futuristic technology to form a tale that is original and glamorous.

The tagline to this story was “Breaking Bad meets Marie Antoinette,” and to some extent, the book lives up to this description. Danica Grayson attempts to escape marriage to a murderous and sadistic young king. Her failed attempt leads her down a darker path in illegal drug trade and production as a means to gather money to buy her way out. Unfortunately, this practice puts most, if not all members of the court, including her own friends and family, at risk of addiction, death, and criminality. Her ingenious way to sell Glitter becomes the most exciting part of the story, but the excitement doesn’t stay for too long.

The intensity of the first half doesn’t hold up in the second half as the pacing slows, there is little to no character growth, and Danica’s love affair is not entirely believable though it has potential. At first, it was easy to root for Danica, but as the story goes on, it’s hard to find excuses for her lack of sympathy and blind determination to be free. But then again, that might be the author’s intention.

Glitter is an engrossing read with richly detailed backdrops, gray characters, and truly vicious antagonists. The first half of the book is suspenseful and thrilling, though the second part could have been a bit more profound and tragic.

My Rating:

4 stars


14 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Geekerella and Glitter

    1. It really is unique, but yeah, the second half was a bit of a disappointment. I might have been too harsh on it, but my expectations were set pretty high after the beginning. The second part just fell short of those expectations for me. But that’s okay! This book has a lot of potential! I really hope the second book closes out the series on a high note (man, duologies kill me) 😀


  1. Great reviews for both of these books Azia. I was a massive fan of Geekerella as well, Elle was such an incredible character and I loved her relationship with Darien as well. This book seemed to combine two of my greatest loves; geeky references and fairytale retellings. 🙂
    Also I’m glad you enjoyed Glitter too. It sounds quite interesting and I love the cover, it’s so gorgeous! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Beth! ❤ Darien and Elle's relationship was golden. Just so sweet and quirky. And the cover of Glitter is AMAZING, right? It's the main reason I picked it up. I think I might buy it just to have it on my shelves forever LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m super intrigued about Geekerella ! Romance isn’t quite my genre, so I’m not sure about it, but I’d sure love to relate to geeks and such ❤ I LOVE its cover though XD Yay, a mini review of Glitter ! It really gives insight to what the book would be like 🙂 Despite its misses I still want to read it !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Geekerella is so adorable. It follows the typical Cinderella formula, but the geekish additions and the added diversity help give it a cool, fresh take on a classic fairytale 😀 Also, the book itself (both the book cover and dust jacket) is GORGEOUS. Worth a buy just to have it on your shelves haha. And Glitter is really good. If you decide to pick up one or both of them, I hope you enjoy them! 😀


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