YA Contemporary Mini Reviews | When Dimple Met Rishi & The Unexpected Everything


When Dimple Met Rishi | Sandhya Menon

Book Details

Hardcover: 384 pages

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Publication Date: May 30, 2017

Goodreads Synopsis

Dimple Shah has it all figured out. With graduation behind her, she’s more than ready for a break from her family, from Mamma’s inexplicable obsession with her finding the “Ideal Indian Husband.” Ugh. Dimple knows they must respect her principles on some level, though. If they truly believed she needed a husband right now, they wouldn’t have paid for her to attend a summer program for aspiring web developers…right?

Rishi Patel is a hopeless romantic. So when his parents tell him that his future wife will be attending the same summer program as him—wherein he’ll have to woo her—he’s totally on board. Because as silly as it sounds to most people in his life, Rishi wants to be arranged, believes in the power of tradition, stability, and being a part of something much bigger than himselfmoreReview-2

This book is an adorable contemporary that kept me smiling from beginning to end. Rishi is a cinnamon roll with a pure heart, a traditional state of mind, and a knack for art. Dimple is his opposite in that she is rebellious to her parents’, specifically her mother’s, traditionalist point of view. She has a mind for tech and a hunger to learn, and her ambition results in an unshakable determination to succeed.

I appreciated how the two characters challenged one another and shook each other’s foundations. They encouraged one another to widen their world view and to discover their inner selves and to acknowledge their desires. I also loved how culture plays an important part in their relationship with one another and with their family.

The author blends Hindi language and various Indian tradition to form a narrative that feels very authentic and believable. I just wish the arranged marriage played a larger role in Dimple and Rishi’s developing romance. It was mentioned in the beginning and then sort of faded into the background later on. Also, Dimple was a bit of a brat in the beginning but I came to appreciate her mindset later on. The iced coffee incident didn’t bother me one bit and I thought it was a fantastically realistic, if not embarrassing, moment for both Dimple and Rishi. I loved to see how they moved on from it afterwards. Their relationship was a bit on the instalove side, but it worked for me this time.

All in all, this was an incredibly cute and fun read and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a smile.

My Rating:

4 stars


The Unexpected Everything | Morgan Matson

Book Details

Hardcover: 528 pages

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: May 3, 2016

Goodreads Synopsis

Andie had it all planned out. When you are a politician’s daughter who’s pretty much raised yourself, you learn everything can be planned or spun, or both. Especially your future. Important internship? Check. Amazing friends? Check. Guys? Check (as long as we’re talking no more than three weeks).

But that was before the scandal. Before having to be in the same house with her dad. Before walking an insane number of dogs. That was before Clark and those few months that might change her whole life. Because here’s the thing—if everything’s planned out, you can never find the unexpected. And where’s the fun in that?”


Morgan Matson is a contemporary queen. This book started off a bit slow but once Andie meets Clark, things get much more interesting!

I personally connected with Andie as she attempts to find a job during the summer (literally me) and tries to keep her group of friends together despite their differences. Andie’s group of friends are so lovable and I really enjoyed reading the section when they were all together. Their situation is relatable and reflective of many high school individuals and their experiences with a close-knit group of friends. I also loved and understood Clark as he dealt with his writer’s block and his relationship with an emotionally distant Andie.

Matson does a wonderful job in examining the teenage experience and she imbues just the right amount of emotion and humor into the story to make us believe in all her characters and their conflicts. Each one of the characters have such distinct and recognizable traits. The entire time I felt as if I were reading about real, multi-dimensional, singularly complex, and unique individuals.

The ending is perfect in its bittersweetness. It tells a blatant truth in that not all good things, not all friendships, last forever, and we should be prepared to take these changes in stride as we live, we learn, and we move on to continue evolving as individuals. In sum, this is an incredibly well-structured novel about romance, friendships, and family. HIGHLY recommend.

My Rating:

4.5 stars


24 thoughts on “YA Contemporary Mini Reviews | When Dimple Met Rishi & The Unexpected Everything

  1. Ahhh I can’t wait to read When Dimple Met Rishi! It sounds so adorable, I’m glad you liked it. And yesss for The Unexpected Everything!! It was so fun and adorable, I loved the friendships and relationship between Andie and Clark ahah. ❤ Lovely reviews!

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    1. I hope you really like WDMR, too! It has some issues but the story as a whole was just so cute. And yes, girl, yes. The Unexpected Everything was just YA contemporary perfection. Morgan Matson is a genius! Thanks so much! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great reviews for both of these books Azia, and oh I am so so glad to see you enjoyed them as well. When Dimple Met Rishi was one of the books that had me smiling, pretty much non-stop actually, it was such a cute read and I really loved both characters and their relationship with each other.
    The Unexpected Everything I’d say is my favourite of the two though. For me Morgan Matson is the queen of YA Contemporary and this was an in incredible read with everything I love seeing in YA Contemporaries in it. I’m glad to see this one got the high rating I have to admit! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Both of these were extremely cute but if I had to choose one over the other, I’d definitely go with The Unexpected Everything. I really loved the friendships and romantic relationship between Andie and Clark. And Matson touched on some really important topics concerning love and life. It was just so brilliant and heartbreaking and sweet. WDMR, though, is a book that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They really are. She has a talent for creating real and relatable chatacters! Need to read the rest of her books. Got one more to go I think. Since You’ve Been Gone

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh really? Now I’m really curious about it haha. I have a hard time believing any of her other books are better than Amy & Roger or The Unexpected Everything. Those two are just so AMAZING 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Both books put a smile on my face. The Unexpected Everything pulled on my emotions a little more, though. Matson is amazing. All her books are fantastic. I haven’t read Since You’ve Been Gone (which I’ve heard is the best one) but read her other ones. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour is my favorite so far. Highly recommend that one and TUE 😉


    1. Thank you, Sophie! Matson’s books are amazing. Some of the best YA contemporaries I’ve ever read. I hope you enjoy them all if you ever get around to reading them! ❤

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