Down the TBR Hole | Books 81-85

It’s that time again! Better take a look at my TBR and see which books I’ll be getting rid of this week. I’ve been adding so many books lately, but at least I’m getting rid of those books I’ll probably never read. And when I do this, I also run across books I’ve already read and books that are in the middle of a series I haven’t even begun. I like coming across those. I call them “easy pickings.” Let’s get to it then!


Down the TBR Hole is a weekly book meme created by the wonderful Lia @ Lost in a Story that attempts to organize our ridiculously long Goodreads TBR list by choosing either to keep or eliminate the books we’ve saved on there.


The Books:


If I Was Here | Gayle Forman

I haven’t read if i stay but I still would really like to read something by Gayle Forman. I haven’t heard much about this book in particular. There seem to be a few mixed reviews for it, but I think it has a generally positive rating? Not sure, but I’m willing to give it a try.



Carry On | Rainbow Rowell

Yay!! Easy pickings! I read this one a couple months ago. This was my first Rainbow Rowell book and I absolutely loved it. I’m way behind on reviews, so I still haven’t written one for Carry On, but at least I can kick it off my TBR!



Winter| Marissa Meyer

I love the Lunar Chronicles but I have yet to finish it! I finished Cress earlier this year but haven’t bought Winter just yet. I plan to very soon! Can’t wait to read this one.



The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines, #6) | Richelle Mead

Oh look, another easy picking! I loved The Vampire Academy series and I had been planning to start Bloodlines soon after, but I never got around to it. One day I will, but I won’t be starting with the sixth book.



The Darkest Part of the Forest | Holly Black

1) I love Holly Black 2) It has faeries (the malevolent kind) and 3) It sounds like there might be an LGBTQ+ romance! There may be a few mixed reviews, but I’m excited to read this one, anyways.




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KK, that’s all for now! What’d you think of my choices? Do you know any of the books I listed? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by! See ya soon ❤

8 thoughts on “Down the TBR Hole | Books 81-85

  1. I Was Here was a lovely book. It does deal with suicide which if that’s not something you want to read about, this book isn’t for you. But I found it truthful and heart wrenching in a way that all the Gayle Forman books I’ve read have been.

    Happy reading!

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    1. I haven’t read a book about suicide just yet. I’ve only watched 13 Reasons Why and I’m not even sure that was the best portrayal of the issue even though I found it engaging. I’d like to try another story that addresses such a heartbreaking matter. I hope I find I Was Here both engaging and truthful.

      Thanks for stopping by! 😀


  2. Oh I got so worried when I saw the Go under Carry On, then I read what you wrote about it and I was relieved this was a book you were removing from your to-read list because you’ve already read it! 😀 I can’t wait to see your review for this one Azia, hopefully you’ll manage to catch up on them soon because I remember all too well what it’s like being behind on reviews. It sucks!
    Also I hope you manage to get around to Winter and The Darkest Part of the Forest soon. I loved Winter and I really enjoy Holly Black’s work, though I still have to get around to that one myself, so I’ll be eagerly awaiting seeing what you think of both of them. 😀 ❤

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    1. Carry On was fantastic! Loved it to bits 😀 I really gotta get started on my reviews. They keep piling up by the day haha. May need to do a lot more mini reviews than I originally planned but at least I’ll get them done XD
      I’ll be excited to get to both Winter and The Darkest Part of the Forest. Seeing them again made me want to bump them up my TBR! I might just do that haha. ❤

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      1. Oh that’s great to hear, I really loved that book and I’ll definitely be interested to see your review.
        Mini reviews can be a great way to get a few more written if you have a backlog.
        Yes, definitely do that. I loved Winter and I’m sure The Darkest Part of the Forest is amazing as well! 😀 ❤

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      2. Oh yes. There will be quite a few mini reviews coming from my blog in the next week or so haha. If I can stay on top of things, of course.
        I have so many unread books on my bookshelves. Might still take me a while to get to them haha. But I WILL get to them. One day….<3

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  3. I still have yet to read Carry On and I’m surprised this is your first Rainbow Rowell read and not Fangirl 🙂 I read Fangirl but it’s not my most favorite. It was okay. I love Winter though so I hope you enjoy that read!!

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    1. Yeah, I didn’t know which Rowell book to start with but I saw Carry On in the store one day and decided it would be my first haha. I have Fangirl, though. Now I just gotta get around to reading it 🙂 I hope I enjoy Winter, too! Heard great things about it! 😀

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