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I haven’t done a tag in a while and I have a massive pile of them to go through, so I better start now. I was tagged quite a bit ago by Ava @ Reads, Rhythms, & Ruminations to do this tag. Sorry for taking so long to get to this one, Ava!

Let’s jump right in!

Original Sims (1)


The Hunger Games

This is the book that started the dystopian craze way back in 2008. Following this book was a plethora of thrill-inducing dystopian-themed YA novels we won’t soon forget.

Needs Fulfillment


Adrian from the Vampire Academy series

If there was a bad decision to be made, Adrian made every single one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I love Adrian, but I will not deny he was an absolute mess in this series.

Grim Reaper

Clockwork Angel

I don’t want to give away any spoilers so I’ll just say one of my favorite characters in The Infernal Devices dies and it breaks my little heart.

Expansion Packs

A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy

I know this has already been said multiple times but it can’t be helped. This series just keeps getting better and better with each installment. I cannot wait to read what’s next for this beloved series.

Sims Getting Stuck


Kilorn from the Red Queen series

Honestly, there’s no need for a love quadrangle. One of these guys has to go and my vote is Kilorn, only because his character is so bothersome.

Error Code 12

I didn’t love The Maze Runner, but I thought it was entertaining. But after that, the series didn’t go too well. And that ending just killed it for me.



Even if you didn’t love the story (I did, don’t worry), you can’t deny that Laini Taylor’s writing for this book, and all her other books, is simply amazing.

Sim Romance (1)


Edward and Bella from the Twilight saga

It was either this or Shiver. I picked the most obvious one, mostly because Edward and Bella’s relationship is nonsensical and alarmingly unhealthy. At least Sam and Grace were cute and semi-normal when they were together.


I’m not sure what this one is getting at because most fantasy and sci-fi is entirely unrealistic? So I’ll just pick one.

Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

For obvious reasons.

The Sims Vortex

The Six of Crows Duology

Best. Duology. Ever. For those of us who have already read these books, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who haven’t, just know that these books are pure YA gold.

I Tag

Beth @ Reading Every Night

Melissa @ booknerdmomo

Lia @ Lost in a Story

Alex @ Young at Heart Books

Jasmine @ How Useful It Is

Tiana @ The Book Raven

Marta @ The Book Mermaid

Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews

Steff @ Little Booky Nook

Sea @ Sea Reads

Of course, anyone else who wants to do this tag is welcome to!

Thanks for stopping by! 😀

27 thoughts on “The Sims Book Tag

  1. I love your answers Azia!! The Hunger Games is awesome! Clockwork Angel, I love those guys! most definitely the saddest death. I still need to read many other books.. crooked kingdom, red queen series, and strange the dreamer.. Thanks also for tagging me 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Jasmine! I hope you manage to get to those other ones. They’re fantastic reads 😀 And no worries! Hope you enjoy doing this one if you choose to do it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh thanks so much for the tag Azia. I used to love the Sims when I was younger but I haven’t played it in ages! Still I do have fond memories from when I was younger playing on the computer with my sister.
    Also great answers for this tag, I definitely agree with so many of them. The ACOTAR series does get better with every book doesn’t it? I can;t wait for the next one to be released. I almost feel like I’m ore excited for that than I was for ACOWAR in the run u to it’s release because my expectations are so high. I definitely agree The Maze Runner was a series that went downhill, which was a real disappointment, and Six of Crows is definitely the best duology ever!
    Thanks again for the tag Azia! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course! 😁 And the Sims is my guilty pleasure. I can play it for hours. It’s just so addicting! Glad it created some good memories for you 😀 And thank you! ACOTAR is just a wonderful series. I’m sure the next book will blow us all away once again. Maze Runner was good in the beginning, but once Chuck died, things started going downhill 😂 And SoC will forever be one of my favorite YAs of all time! Hope you enjoy this tag if you do it! 😊❤

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      1. I think if I got back into it I’d be playing it for hours as well. From what I can remember it was a very addictive game. Unfortunately at the moment blogging is taking up all of my time! 😀
        It really is, I’m definitely excited for the next book, and at the moment we still have no clue what it will be about. The Maze Runner did seem to go downhill quickly, it was the third book I hated the most I think.
        Same here.
        Thanks Azia, I hope so too! 😀 ❤

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      2. Blogging is always a great substitute 😀
        Not at all. My guess is a book that focuses on Nesta and Cassian! And agreed, that third book was definitely the worst of the three.

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  3. I swear Azia you are my book twin because I pretty much agree with all of these (for the books I’ve read anyway)! The Hunger Games is definitely one of the best debuts and that book put me in a huge dystopia craze, one that I’m still trying to clean out of my TBR LOL. And I completely agree with you about Adrian but I do think he made up for a lot in the Bloodlines books. I loved him in that series. And YES about TID! If the character you’re talking about is the same one I’m thinking about then my heart broke and I’m still not over it. Honestly, I’m feeling TID feels after having reread Lady Midnight and might need a reread of that series but I know I’ll just end up crying at the end of Clockwork Princess all over again. 🙈 Then, of course, I agree about ACOTAR! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t happy with the Maze Runner ending. That series started so strong and I loved it but I’m still sore over the ending, it was terrible. Edward and Bella were definitely worst case of insta-love and yes about Six of Crows! Anyway, thanks so much for the tag!! I enjoyed reading your answers for this. 😁♥

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    1. We do have extremely similar tastes and opinions on books don’t we?! LOL, SCARY ❤ And yup, I have Hunger Games to thank for starting my dystopia craze. I'm not that crazy about it any longer, but I wouldn't mind a good dystopian here and there. And I heard Adrian became so much better in Bloodlines. I have yet to start that series, even though I've owned the first book since it first came out lol. Actually, for TID, I've realized that both my favorites die. At least one of them comes back :/ Thankfully, the other one died of old age, which makes me feel a tiny bit better. I might need to reread the TID trilogy over again. I really miss that story! The ending to The Maze Runner trilogy was tragically bad. It felt like the author just gave up. Like he literally threw up his hands and said "this'll do," and sent it off to the printing press LOL. So disappointing. Hope you enjoy the tag if you do it! I'd love to see your choices 😀

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      1. We really do! 😂 Same about dystopias, I don’t mind a good one here and there. The good ones are harder to find nowadays though. I find more terrible ones than good ones when I look for one. 🙈 You should so read the Bloodlines books! They’re actually pretty great.
        True, there’s the fact that one of said characters died of old age which is better as opposed to dying a terrible death but damn I cried like a baby. I don’t think I’ve cried over any book more than I cried over the ending of Clockwork Princess.
        YES! It’s exactly like the author gave up. I feel like it could have ended a million times better and honestly I’m sore over a certain characters death.

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      2. They are a bit harder to find nowadays, aren’t they? Such a shame :/ I;m thinking of getting through Bloodlines this summer! Although, I don’t think I’ll review them. Just read and enjoy them 😉
        Clockwork Princess was brutal in its heartbreaks lol. But at least it ended semi-happily!
        If we’re talking about the best character in the entire series, then yes, I’m still hella sore over that too LOL. It was completely unnecessary.

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      3. It really is. You’ll have to let me know whenever you read them then and if you end up enjoying them. 😁 I’ve actually been doing more of the reading without reviewing than anything lately. I think I’m falling into a review slump.
        True. Clockwork Princess’s ending was very bittersweet. I was happy with it even though it made me cry lol.

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      4. Sure thing! ❤
        And I hope you've gotten over that slump! Even after LoS. I hope that didn't put you in a reading slump.
        I definitely need to reread the TID series one day. And maybe even finish TMI…..

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Luckily enough no reading slump. If anything both ACOWAR and LoS have made me go on a giant binge reading fest. I’ve been reading faster than I can write reviews which is what I think led to the review slump. My solution is to just take all the contemporaries I’ve read and use Standalone Sunday to write mini reviews for them instead of full length detailed ones. 😂
        You should so finish TMI! City of Heavenly Fire is a fantastic book and hey at least you know things turn out pretty great for the TMI character since you’ve already read LM and LoS. 😝

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Oh yay! So glad those two spurred on a giant binge reading fest haha. Nothing better than that. And I think that’s a good idea, especially if you’re reading too fast to keep up with your own reviews. Mini reviews are a godsend 😂
        And I’m definitely planning on finishing TMI this summer. Just one more book; although, I’m tempted to reread the entire series again because I don’t remember a LOT of what happened 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Right? I don’t know what I would do if mini reviews didn’t exist. 😂
        Hey I say reread the whole series but then I’m a big rereader LOL. That and it’s fun going back through a favorite series again. Especially when it’s been a while and you’ve forgotten things. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      8. I am officially 13 reviews behind, Melissa….If you see me post a lot of mini reviews, you know what’s up XD LOL
        I’m not a huge re-reader, but I think I can make an exception to the TMI and TID series. I think they deserve it haha. I really miss that world and they were such favorites of mine back then. It’d be nice to remember why I fell in love with them in the first place 😀 Alright, you’ve convinced me. I’ll reread them LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      9. I think I’m four or five reviews behind so you definitely have me beat! 😂 I’m not even letting myself review the rest of the ToG books because if I do then I’ll never catch up on my other reviews lol. That and I just wanted to read without reviewing for a bit.
        YAY!! Have fun with your reread whenever you get to it. 😁 I’ve definitely been thinking about rereading TID because of LoS.

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Oh how I would love to be 4 or 5 reviews behind lol. And I think that’s a good idea! And sometimes it’s nice to just read to read. Not read to review!
        Thanks! I’m actually really looking forward to it 😀 Although, I was thinking that next month I might dedicate it to Harry Potter! So I might do a TMI reread in August! 🙂


  4. I’m still mourning Infernal Devices as well. D: Omigosh, I totally about Kilorn in the Red Queen series. But omigosh, you’re so right. There was literally no reason for the quad. XD And of course, I super agree about SOC!! Wonderful tag, and your choices were so much fun to read! Thanks so much for the tag, and I can’t wait to do it!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I already have troubles accepting a love triangle. A love quad is a tad bit extra for my tastes lol XD Yay! Glad you love SoC too. Such a fantastic duology. No worries! Can’t wait to see your answers!! 😀


  5. I agree with all of these!! (Except the Court of Thorns and Roses series that I haven’t read). The Hunger Games was a wonderful debut and pretty much started the whole hype with Dystopian books. I think the hype surrounding those books has made my love for them waver though. Clockwork Angel killed me! I love those books so much! Six of Crows is the most perfect duology ever written. Awesome tag!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hunger Games is simply fantastic. That’s a shame that your love for them is wavering :/ But I understand. Excessive hype can do that sometimes. And yes to TID and SoC. Amazing books! And feel free to do this tag if you like. 😀 I’d love to see your answers!


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