Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Angsty Romances

Ah, this is a good one. *Rubs hands together and chuckles mischievously* Lord knows I have quite a few of these on my list, so let’s see which ones I’ve decided on for today, shall we?

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme that was started by Ginger Reads Lainey and is now being looked after by Thoughts on Tomes. The topics can be found on Goodreads.

According to Goodreads:Talk about your favorite ships that have a healthy side of angst. (definition: adj.: describes a situation or literary piece which contains dark, depressing, angry, and/or brooding emotions from the participating characters.)”

Anna and Étienne St. Clair from Anna and the French KissStephanie Perkins


So. Much. Angst. So. Much. Drama. I read this book over my spring break and absolutely LOVED it (review to come, btw). But my god, talk about a mess of emotions. Even though I shipped Ana and St. Clair pretty hard, they made their situation much more angst-filled than it had to be.

Will and Tessa from the Infernal Devices trilogy | Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel

Speaking of couples with issues…Will and Tessa are one of my favorite couples in YA, but lets face it. Will is pure angst and we love him for it. He was so dark and brooding until Tessa came into his life and fixed him up! It took a while to get there, but we got there by the end and that’s what counts.

Akiva and Karou from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy | Laini Taylor

Smoke and Bone

This couple right here. Talk about a long-term angst-filled relationship. While I love both Akiva and Karou, their relationship in the second book kind of takes a nosedive, and we begin a period of seriously sad and brooding emotions from both characters. Although, it’s to be expected, considering the circumstances set up towards the end of the first book!

Darcy and Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen


This couple proves that supernatural creatures and teenagers aren’t the only characters to fall prey to an angsty romance. With the devilishly handsome Darcy (can you tell I’m thinking of Colin Firth?) acting as the very essence of angst with his distinct brooding nature and with Elizabeth’s constant confusion and anger over Darcy’s behavior, the two create one of my favorite angsty romances in literature!

Bella and Edward (and Jacob) from the Twilight saga | Stephanie Meyer


Honestly, I’ve included this one for sh*ts and giggles. Edward and Bella (and Jacob sitting there on the sidelines) are one of my least favorite couples in YA, but their relationship (hence, the entire series) is basically the definition of angst. So, I just had to include them. They’ve become my favorite angst-filled couple to snark on.

*Look! I managed to create a post without including Six of Crows or ACOMAF! Even so, it goes without saying that Kaz and Inej as well as Rhys and Feyre are unofficially on this list. I can’t help it.*

Anyways, what’d you guys think of my choices this week? Agree? Disagree? Never heard of some of the couples on here? Which are some of your favorite angsty romances? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for stopping by 😀

25 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite Angsty Romances

    1. Angst galore 😂 God I miss Will. I think I’ll have to reread that series. I feel a book binge coming on…And Twilight is basically the gold medalist of angst filled romance tbh 😂😂

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  1. Oh this seemed like such a fun topic for this week, I’ll admit I’m not always a fan of angst in romance novels where it seems like that’s all there is (too much angst can kind of get on my nerves you know, like just talk to each other how hard is that?!) but I will admit I loved it in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, and I think that’s the only one.
    As much as I loved Anna and Étienne I wasn’t much of a fan of the back and forth in their relationship in the beginning. And yeah as much as I loved it when I was younger can’t say I’m much of a fan of the Bella/Edward/Jacob love triangle in Twilight either.
    Still great picks for this week Azia! 😀

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    1. I completely agree. Angst can be fun if it’s done correctly. But too much angst in a romance detracts from the relationship and even the story as a whole. I love DOSAB and can’t wait to see how their romance plays out. I feel you on the Anna and St. Clair drama. Their problems could have easily been fixed if they just TALKED and worked out their feelings with one another lol. Twilight was fun back then, but now? Horrid lol. Thanks Beth! 😁💖

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      1. Exactly. I’ve been having this conversation (kinda) with another blogger and I think as I’ve passed the teenage years I’ve got less patience for angst in books and relationships.
        I think you’ll really like the second and third books then. They’re amazing!
        Exactly, I just wanted to scream at them at times, it seemed like the majority of the plot was surrounding their relationships issues but if they had talked about it it would have been fixed within ten chapters.
        That’s all right! 😀 ❤

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      2. I’m definitely feeling that way, too. I prefer mature, slow burn romances that aren’t all wrapped up in angst. A good romance does not equate to an angsty one lol. Even though I had my problems with Anna and the French Kiss, I’m excited to read the other two. I hear the Lola one is great too!

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      3. Guess it’s a sign of reading tastes changing. We can’t keep reading the same kind of relationships full of angst and enjoying them all.
        Lola is really good, I think Isla was my favourite of the lot though. I think you’ll end up enjoying them both as well Azia! 🙂

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      4. I guess so :/ At least now we will try expose ourselves to different types of relationships more often, just to avoid those angsty ones! 😂 And I sure hope so. Thanks Beth 😀

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  2. Will and Tess…aaaaahhhhh I love their romance!!!!! I agree with Akiva and Karou. I was a bit disappointed in the 3rd book because I felt that their reunion was a bit drawn out…but then I was just super impatient haha. Awesome list!!!

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  3. *gasp* No ACOMAF or Six of Crows!? 😂😂 I had to say that after reading your comment at the bottom about managing not to mention them LOL. But, seriously, all of these are some of my favorite angsty romances too! Especially Jem, Tessa, and Will because they’re still the only actual love triangle that I’ve loved. Great picks for this, Azia! 😊

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    1. It was SO hard to not mention them so I just HAD to make that note 😂 Will, Jem, and Tessa are probably the best love triangle out there. Just really well-done and they’re all such great characters! Thank you! 🤗

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      1. I freaking love her romances. My money is on Kit+Ty, Mark+Kieran (even though they have their issues right now), and Julian+Emma for Prince of Shadows 😂

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      2. Same. And YES to Kit + Ty and Mark + Kieran. Especially Kit and Ty because I shipped them from the moment they met in Lady Midnight. I’ve seen a few Lord of Shadows snippets with them which makes me really excited! And, of course, Julian and Emma. I swear if there isn’t a way for those two to be together I will be so upset. Then again the whole sibling thing and TMI worked out so this is bound to (I hope). 😂

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      3. Oh god me too! I definitely shipped them when Ty attacked Kit in the basement. I know that sounds bad hahah. But there was definitely something going on beneath the surface. And I’ve read a few of those snippets! My heart is screaming. I’m so excited to see that relationship develop 😀 And I have no doubt Julian and Emma are going to be together, but I see a looooong, bumpy road ahead of them before that happens LOL XD

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      4. Just proof that Cassandra Clare is the master at creating ships! 😂😂 There really was though and Ty is such a great character and I can’t wait until we learn more about Kit. I need the next two months to go by faster just so I can have Lord of Shadows already lol.
        Oh definitely a long bumpy road. Though isn’t TDA only going to be three books long? I have a feeling they’ll be together by the end of LoS but that the whole forbidden thing won’t be fixed until the end of the third one. 🙈

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      5. She really is! I’m always looking forward to forming my ships when I start reading her books LOL. They’re both wonderful characters, especially Ty. He was definitely my favorite next to Mark and Julian. Need that book now!
        Only 3 books?! Noooooooooo! Hopefully they’re together by the end of the third then. Ty and Kit too LOL

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      6. Me too! It’s like what ship will she have for me this time? 😂 I actually think Ty is my favorite over Mark and Julian. Not that I don’t love all three of them but Ty weaseled his way into my heart and became my favorite in Lady Midnight.
        And yep, from what I remember there’s only going to be three like TID. Hopefully! lol 😊

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      7. He’s an easy character to love 😉 Ah that sucks. Well, lets make the most of it and ship as many couples as we can before it’s all over LOL

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