Down the TBR Hole | Books 56-60

Down the TBR Hole is a weekly book meme created by the wonderful Lia @ Lost in a Story that attempts to organize our ridiculously long Goodreads TBR list by choosing either to keep or eliminate the books we’ve kept on there for YEARS.


The Books:


Champion (Legend, #3) | Marie Lu

As I mentioned in my post before, I’ve already finished this trilogy, so I can finally remove them from my TBR! This book was my favorite one, by the way 😉 The judgement:



Othermoon (Otherkin, #2) | Nina Berry

Okay…I think…I already read this book. I know I read the first book, Otherkin, which I really liked because the concept was fascinating and the writing was fairly strong. Unfortunately, I barely remember a thing about the first book or this book. I read both, maybe, three or four years ago? I think I’ll keep this one on my TBR because I am still interested in the story. I’ll just have to re-read the first book before I start this one sometime in the future. The judgement:



Othersphere (Otherkin, #3) | Nina Berry

I’ll keep this one off my TBR until I know for sure that I want to continue on with the series after rereading the first and second books! The judgement:



Rogue (Talon, #2) | Julie Kagawa

As much as it kind of breaks my heart, I’ve already decided that I won’t be continuing on with the Talon series. The first book was such a disappointment that I don’t feel as if I can give the second book a chance. The judgement:



Reawakened | Colleen Houck

Oh boy, this book. Fun fact: I actually read the first couple of chapters of this book on my e-reader and almost thought I might chuck my reader at the wall for how RIDICULOUS this story is. Only a few pages in and I could tell this book is an outright disaster. A disaster in cultural appropriation. A disaster in characterization. A disaster in its portrayal of different cultures and peoples. This book is just…a tragedy. So, I’ll be keeping it on my TBR so I can read through it and maybe do a couple of snark reviews on it, because (my god) is this book perfect for some righteous snark. Okay. Sorry. Mini-rant over. The judgement:


What’d you think of my choices? Do you know any of the books I listed? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by! See ya soon ❤

22 thoughts on “Down the TBR Hole | Books 56-60

  1. I think I made my way through the first two books of the talon series but it was not that interesting. So it’s a good thing you’ve removed them!

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  2. At least you can get rid of Champion because you’ve read it! 😀 As good as clearing books off your to-read shelf feels it’s always best when it’s because you’ve finished a book rather than because you’re not interested in it anymore.
    You know, seeing the cover, I think I’ve read the first book in the Otherkin series, but honestly I can’t remember anything about it so I guess it wasn’t that memorable for me, and not a series I’ll likely be continuing with. Still I hope you enjoy book two at the very least.
    Also if you do get through Reawakened I’ll be really really interested in seeing your snark review for it. I think it could be hilarious! 😀

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    1. Oh I definitely agree with that! I hate having to take off a book from my TBR simply because I’m not interested in it anymore. I wish I would have gotten to it sooner.
      Thanks! And maybe I’m wasting my time with the books if I can’t remember much about it, but we’ll see how it goes.
      Oh I think I might die before I finish Reawakened but I’m certainly willing to try, just so I can get that snark review out haha

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      1. Yeah it’s always a shame but I guess if you’re not interested in the book anymore there’s no point keeping it on your to-read list or anything.
        Well if you’re not a fan then at least you can still say you gave it a fair shot. 🙂
        If you manage to finish it and not die I’m sure writing the snark review will make it kind of worthwhile. 😀

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      2. I sure hope so LOL 😀 I’ve never written a snark review but this one seems perfect. And if I’m not up to task, I’m sure Liam would know what to do with it instead XD LOL

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  3. Ahhh I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Champion! I’ve always wanted to get into Marie Lu’s writing but I haven’t had the chance yet – I’m planning to do it with her new series (the one that has something to do with virtual reality, I think). That’s just so much more up my alley than dystopians, at the moment.

    And I’m curious about the Otherkin series! I’ve always been aware of the term thanks to Tumblr and Reddit, and I’m curious to see how that plays out in fiction or even if it has a connection to what we know as Otherkin IRL… so intriguing. When do you reckon you’ll get to the second book, and would you highly recommend the first book? 😛

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    1. The Legend trilogy is definitely the place to start. I think it’s a fantastic little series. Her Young Elites series has an intriguing concept but I don’t think it’s as well executed as her Legend series. I’m really looking to her new book, too! I’m tired of dystopians so it’d be refreshing to try something new yet still futuristic! I hope you enjoy her works if you ever pick up one of her books!
      I actually have the second book, but I think I might reread the first two books sometime this May or June! And I wouldn’t HIGHLY recommend the first book, but I would recommend you give it a try at least! The concept is actually pretty cool 😀


      1. Young Elites has a fantastic concept but I think the execution (in the last book mostly) was a bit fuzzy. But both series are great so you can’t really go wrong with either!
        Yay! 😁


  4. I swear I need to take part in the meme because I’ve still yet to clean out my TBR even though I’ve been meaning to for months lol. That sucks about the Talon series. I was thinking about reading it some time since I’ve loved some of Julie Kagawa’s other books but I think I’ll pass on it now. And I would definitely be interested in seeing your snark review for Reawakened. Great post, Azia!! 😊♥

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    1. I don’t know what it is about the Talon series but it simply did not resonate with me. I think you should still give it a try though! You may like it much more than I did. It’s got dragons, so that’s a plus LOL. And I’ll be very excited to write a snark review for Reawakened, if only I could muster up the strength to open up the book again LOL. Thanks, Melissa! ❤

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      1. Maybe! Although, for some reason no other dragon book I’ve read has worked out for me except Eragon so I’m always hesitant about them lol. Which now that I’m thinking about it I so want to reread that series.
        You’re welcome!! 😊♥

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      2. I’m really hesitant about dragon books too. None have really worked for me, not even Eragon sadly 😢 I couldn’t even get past the second chapter of the second book *shame face*

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      3. Actually I zoomed through the first book, but for some reason, I just could not get through the second book :/ Despite that, I agree the world-building and dragons were on point haha

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