The Totally Should Have Book Tag

I was tagged by Miss Lia over @ Lost in a Story about a lifetime ago to do this tag. Sorry it’s taken me this long to get around to this one, Lia!

If you haven’t, go check out Lia’s amazing blog. She’s got reviews, tags, and some pretty cool projects, such as the Short Story Society and the Bad Book Project. Check out her most recent book review here!

Totally should’ve gotten a sequel.

I feel like I don’t read enough standalones to properly answer this one. Plus, most standalones I’ve read are perfectly well done and don’t need another book to complete the story….Eh, I’ll go with the Six of Crows duology. It doesn’t need another book. I just want another one because I’m greedy.

Totally should’ve gotten a spin-off series.

Hehehe, Six of Crows? Well, who knows. That can still happen. So, maybe….the Blood of Eden series?

I would pay good money to read a series featuring Jackal, Allie’s jacka** brother. He was, honestly, one of the best characters in that series.

An author that totally should write more books. 

I’m looking at you, Kristin Cashore.


So far, you’ve only given us three amazing books. And I know you have one planned to release this fall, but I would have LOVED to have had some more of your books to fill up my time since Bitterblue came out.

A character that totally should’ve ended up with someone else. 

So, I’m still a bit salty about Mal and Alina. She and the Darkling would have made an AMAZING villainous couple.

Totally should’ve ended differently.

Paper Towns

I loved John Green’s Paper Towns all the way up until the end, which I thought was lacking in the charm that the rest of the book had. To be frank, the ending was just really disappointing.

Also, I know it’s not a book but I’m gonna throw in Lost, too. Just ’cause….


Totally should’ve had a movie franchise.

Quite a few of my bookish friends have already said the Lunar Chronicles needs to be a movie franchise, so I won’t reiterate that. And since the series has just finished, there’s still a possibility the books will be made into films. So, I’ll choose Meg Cabot’s 1-800-WHERE-ARE-YOU series. I read these books back in middle school and damn, were they entertaining. I think they would have made great movies, or a great TV series at least!

Totally should’ve had only one point of view. 

This category is kind of hard for me because I usually come across books that I think should have multiple POVs instead of one, rather than the other way around. So, I don’t really have an answer for this one.

Totally should’ve had a cover change.



Totally should’ve kept the original covers.

No. Just no. I hate it when they change the cover to match the film posters. It usually messes up my original image of the characters.

Totally should’ve stopped at book one.


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If you’ve already been tagged, you don’t have to do this one again if you don’t want to! But for those of you who haven’t, I hope you have fun with this one! : D

37 thoughts on “The Totally Should Have Book Tag

  1. I don’t like it when they put people on covers because that always ruins it a little for me, I like forming an image of a character in my head but then they basically shove that character (or usually actor) at you. That often doesn’t fit the way I think they look and are!

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    1. Exactly how I feel. Sometimes, I manage to retain my original image of the characters (if I’ve already read the book), but most times my memory becomes entangled with the new look of the character. Then I just end up imagining a whole new face :/

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely agree about those movie covers. I wish they would stop doing it. And me, too. I’d love a few spin-off series, maybe one for each character! 😀


    1. Anyone but Mal would have sufficed lol. He was so dry as a character. And that ending to Lost must never be forgotten. It is a crime against humanity that should be kept in the history books lol. Hope you enjoy the tag! 😀

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  2. Thanks so much for the tag Azia, and great answers for this one as well. I would love to see more from the Six of Crows series. I’m definitely holding out hope that Leigh Bardugo writes more one day because there’s still so many characters left to learn more about. I can definitely see there being a book about Nina someday!
    Also I would love to see a movie franchise for the Code Name Cassandra series, I love Meg Cabot’s books (this and the Mediator series are my favourites) so I think any film adaptations of those would be beyond brilliant!
    Thanks again for the tag! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Beth! ❤ I'm definitely hoping for a Nina spin-off, one that involves her getting close to Nikolai in particular lol.

      I haven't had a chance to read the Mediator series, but my cousin loved them and I've heard great things 😀 I love Meg Cabot, too! She's got some great series.

      Of course! I hope you enjoy this one 🙂

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      1. That’s all right. Honestly I think I’d settle for any kind of spin-off but I think of all the Six of Crows characters Nina is the one who I feel still has more of her story left you know?
        She definitely had, the Mediator series is my all-time favourites but I could say that about any of them I guess! 😀

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      2. Yeah, Nina definitely has more adventures ahead of her. I hope we get to read about them haha. And I’ll definitely have to get my hands on The Mediator series. The Princess Diaries, too! I’ve only watched the movies, unfortunately.

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      3. I think it would be amazing because we could technically go back to the Six of Crows crew and the characters from the Grisha series that way as well! 🙂
        I haven’t read The Princess Diaries either, only seen the first movie, but I’m assuming it’s just as amazing as her other series! 🙂

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  3. I didn’t even know Kristin Cashore has more books coming up! I’m so excited and I need to look that up. And Richelle Mead tbh I think gets the worst covers ever – they’re always close-ups of people’s faces (except for I think Soundless) and they never look that good. :/

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    1. Her new one coming up is called Jane, Unlimited I believe! Not sure when the exact release date is, but it’s sometime in the fall 😀 So excited for that one! And I agree haha. I feel like it’s the same exact person in charge of her covers haha XD They’re never any good. The Soundless cover is pretty cool, though!


  4. Love your answers! I really like them all.. I haven’t read Vampire Academy yet but definitely change the covers haha.. it doesn’t make me want to read at all.. haha… and The Host, yeah, I like the original cover too!

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    1. Thanks, Jasmine! 😀 And Vamp Academy was one of my favorite series back in high school, but those covers killed me a little bit each time I looked at them. They’ve recently been updated and look much better now, but the face is still in the background LOL. And I really dislike movie covers on books. It messes up my image of things haha

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  5. Thank you for the tag! I am totally going to do it! I love your answers and I totally agree with you in some stuff, especially the cover change and the ones that should have kept the original cover. I really don’t like when they change a book cover to the movie poster… I only have a series like that at home and I wished I got the original ones >.<

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    1. No worries! I hope you enjoy doing it as much as I did 😀 And yes, I really wish they would stop putting the movie posters on the books. Two different forms of media and interpretations. We don’t need them to be mixed, thank you very much LOL

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  6. Oh my god. I so agree with Mal and Alina. I read that series eons ago (not actual eons but you get me) and I’m STILL salty about that. I’m a Nikolai girl myself, but I see the appeal of the Darkling pairing. And yes, VA needs a second round of cover changes, the new ones are no better lol. Great tag! 😄

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    1. Who isn’t a Nikolai girl LOL. He’s probably the best character in the trilogy, tbh. I would have loved for Alina to end up with him too! And I agree! The new covers are okay, but definitely not as good as they can (or should) be haha.

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  7. Thanks so much for the tag, Azia! 💕
    You know I’m with you on the Six of Crows duology. I want more books. I need more books. When the day comes that she does do another spin off or something I will freak out. I think I’ll always want more books in the Grisha world. Also, I completely agree about the covers for Vampire Academy. I never like covers with people on them. Great answers! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course, Melissa! ❤ 😀
      I think everyone will freak out if she releases a spin-off. I think I might even faint LOL. Probably not, but you get the idea haha. And yes! Covers with people on them mess up my ability to imagine the character as I wish to imagine them :/ But covers seem to be getting better nowadays! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Did you see the news about her new book!? She’s releasing a Grisha folklore/fairytale kind of story book with stories that the characters in her Grisha books might have grown up with. I am so excited!! 😁
        Same. Covers definitely seem to be getting better. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Say what?! *FAINTS* I cannot WAIT to get my hands on that one.
        They’re getting so good that I can’t help but buy books solely for their gorgeous their book jackets LOL

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