Book Binge Before the New Year Begins!

I managed to finish up a couple of books last week and I began a third a day before Christmas. Needless to say, I didn’t read much during Christmas, so I’m trying to finish up one more book before moving on.


One of these was near perfection and the other was not. I thought they were both very interesting, but I enjoyed Taylor’s book much more, but for very different reasons. I’ll try to get a review out for these two during the week!



I was really excited to read this book, but so far, I’ve been really underwhelmed by the story. I’m not much of a fan of the MC and the plot is developing very slowly. I really like Ren and some of the other secondary characters, but I’ve got other issues with the book. I’m about 70% done, so I’m hoping the ending renews my faith in the series.



I think I can wait to read Wolfsbane (Nightshade #2) until next month, so I’d like to see which series I can get into before the month ends. I’m leaning towards the Wolves of Mercy Fall but not really sure.

What do you guys think? Shiver trilogy or ToG series?? I can’t decide!!!!! 

I’ll probably end up reading whichever series interests seems interesting the day I begin reading, but I’d love to hear your guys’ opinions.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll see ya soon ❤


18 thoughts on “Book Binge Before the New Year Begins!

  1. I’m glad to see you enjoyed Days of Blood and Starlight Azia. That trilogy is a favourite of mine so it’s always great to see other people enjoying it as well! 😀
    Also I’d definitely recommend the Throne of Glass series for sure. I tried the Shiver books but couldn’t get into them whereas on the other hand I LOVE the Throne of Glass series so so much! 😀

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    1. Yup! It’s definitely turning out to be one of the best YA fantasy trilogies I’ve read so far! And I’m so conflicted but I think I might knock out the Shiver series before January (b/c the books are pretty short) and let January be my ToG month! How’s that sound?

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      1. It’s still one of my all-time favourites, I really need to re-read it soon, preferably before Strange the Dreamer is released!
        That sounds good, I guess as long as you get around to ToG eventually. 😀 It’s a great series so I’m sure you’ll love it! 🙂

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      2. I can’t wait to read Strange the Dreamer, too! Taylor has such eloquent writing 🙂

        And I think I’m reserving this month for a Sarah J. Maas book binge haha. I didn’t finish the Shiver series just yet, but I’m on the last one and I can’t wait to read ToG now! No more backlisting haha

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      3. She does, and I’m sure Strange the Dreamer will be no different! 😀
        Ohh SJM book binge is pretty much what I did when I first started her books, and then I went into withdrawal because I had to wait for the next releases like everyone else. It wasn’t easy! 😀

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      4. Oh I hope so. I don’t even know what the premise of the book is. I’m going to go in blind and read it just because Taylor wrote it. And I can imagine! I usually try to read a series after all the books have been published b/c waiting is torture, but now I’ve gotten used to it haha. It’s actually pretty fun waiting and talking with bookworms about the next book, even thought it’s slowly killing us inside LOL. Hopefully I’ll be waiting for the last ToG book along with everyone else by the end of this month or the next 😀

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      5. To be honest even though I’ve read the blurb it doesn’t give much away so I’ll be going in blind as well. I’m avoiding all pre-release reviews and everything!
        If there’s one thing we bookworms have in common it’s the agonising wait for the next book in our favourite series, especially if the one before ending on a cliffhanger! 🙂
        I can guarantee the wait for the last ToG book is going to be insane, I can’t wait! 😀

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      6. I recently read the blurb for Strange the Dreamer, and you’re right. It tells you NOTHING. But it sounds really exciting, regardless. I can’t wait.

        No truer words were never spoken haha 🙂 It’ll be insane, but it’ll be loads of fun. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone else! 😀

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    1. I really did! The trilogy is shaping up to be one of my all-time favorites. Taylor’s writing is so lovely ❤ And I can't wait to get around to the ToG series. I'm reading the Wolves now, and I like them so far! I hope you do too once you get around them! 😀

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