SAY WHAAAAT?! | Awesome News for YA Fantasy Fans

I was supposed to post a review for Heartless on Friday, but then I forgot that I was going to be busy ALL day: from 5am to 12am at night. It was a long ass day, and so the moment I got home, I knocked out for 9+ hours. It was heaven.

And since I barely had time for myself on Friday, I wasn’t going to post anything today. Today is me time. Meaning good food, good movies, and lots of caffeine, all with limited social interaction.

But then I heard some great news. I just HAD to help spread the word around. For those of you who are diehard Graceling fans, I think this might make you squeal (like me…).

According to Penguin Random House, Kristin Cashore has announced she will be releasing a new novel after a five-year hiatus!

The novel will be called Jane, Unlimited and it will be released fall of next year!!!


If you’d like to see the original article, which is riddled with Twitter freakouts, please visit HERE.

And don’t forget to share the good news!!!


3 thoughts on “SAY WHAAAAT?! | Awesome News for YA Fantasy Fans

  1. YES. I definitely squealed when I heard, too, because YES.

    And I’m so glad you posted this, because I couldn’t remember if I’d added it to my Goodreads yet, and I HADN’T. What is WRONG WITH ME. Perhaps too overcome with excitement to think logically?

    Anyway: YES. ๐Ÿ˜„

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