Top 5 US National Parks I’ve Visited

When I was young, my family and I made it our business to visit as many national parks as we could. When I was 7 or 8, I believe, my family and I underwent a two week long road trip. Within 14 days my family travelled from California to Nevada to Utah to Colorado and back. From what I remember, we visited nearly 1o national parks within those two weeks. A couple years afterwards, we visited a few more that we hadn’t hit on The Big Trip.

My family has always been nature junkies. We love hiking and visiting the mountains (particularly Mammoth) for summer and winter vacation. Though we haven’t been as invested in our nature getaways since my brother left for college five years ago, we still have our memories.

Because all our photos are polaroids and old fashioned photographs, I can’t share them here. But these are my top five favorite US national parks that I have visited so far. (This one is actually in no particular order because they are all so spectacular).

Mesa Verde National Park


Image Source

We visited Mesa Verde a couple years after the Big Trip. It was amazing to see these cliff dwellings, home to the Ancestral Pueblo peoples. Some of the passages were so small, only small children (like myself) were able to pass through. I’m afraid of heights, but I conquered them for a short time, just to explore this beautiful site.

Yosemite National Park


Image Source

I’ve visited Yosemite several times because it is fairly accessible as opposed to the others we visited. This beautiful park never disappoints, no matter the time of the year. Got some very fond memories laying among those stunning rock formations, glistening falls, and lush groves.

Zion National Park


Image Source

I don’t quite remember getting to Zion, but I definitely remember walking around Angels Landing and seeing this view. And I remember it taking my breath away. I knew right then and there I would never forget visiting this park.

Sequoia National Park


Image Source

If there’s one thing I love in nature, it’s trees. I think every city, every suburban neighborhood, and every piece of green land deserves a tree. The sequoias aren’t just normal trees. They are magnificent creations that reach hundreds of feet into the sky, or at least that’s how it seemed when I was younger. I remember this trip clearly, mostly because I remember my grandmother standing right in front of these beautiful trees, just like the man in the picture.

Kings Canyon National Park


Image Source

Stunning isn’t it? I don’t remember the entirety of The Big Trip. So, I don’t particularly remember our trip to King’s Canyon very well. But the one thing I do remember, very clearly, is this view right here.

If you haven’t visited any national parks or if you’ve only visited a few, I highly recommend taking the time to see what this beautiful earth has to offer. These parks are so awe-inducing, sometimes I think we don’t deserve them. To learn more about these beautiful spots of nature, please visit the National Park Service website and maybe even plan a trip!



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