Work in Progress: The Group Seven

Excerpt #2

See Excerpt #1 here.

Synopsis: Nora is returning home for a quick change of clothes, but comes to discover a peculiar sight sitting in her living room. Her son and his circle of friends are lounging about, paying her no mind as they engage in some harmless activities, and even though they seem to be well-behaved, Nora can’t help but feel simultaneously suspicious and pleasantly surprised by their presence.

Settled in the comfort of the living room is a group of seven, among them her son. Those sitting on the sofa have their backs turned to her but she recognizes their profiles. The others might have spotted her but made no move to indicate they had acknowledged her presence.

Her eyes wander over the group.

Sitting in the center of the black leather sofa is Jay, a strikingly handsome boy with silver hair fashioned into soft spikes, and ice blue eyes. His signature diamond earring pierces his right ear – a token from his father.

She’s known the boy since he was just a baby. He’s probably the cleverest person she knows, even more intelligent than her own Kiyan. All the teachers at school also know he’s quite intelligent, but that doesn’t stop them from giving him detentions on a daily basis. The boy’s tendencies to turn his homework in much too late and to solve matters with his fists often leads to his afternoon imprisonments. Nora shakes her head as she recollects the constant calls she receives from Jay’s mother who often complains about her son’s backpack full of pink slips. In an effort to support her best friend, Nora tries to scold the boy when he comes over, but he simply gives her a dazzling smile and promises to do better.

Sudden movement within Jay’s hands captures Nora’s attention. He’s holding ivory colored sheets of paper lined and dotted with black. She gives a knowing smile. He must be composing a new symphony. Narrowing her eyes a bit, she spots his violin – scuffed with greyed chords – lying in wait upon the glass coffee table. She shakes her head in awe. If only she were that talented.

Nora diverts her attention away from Jay and settles her gaze on her son, Kiyan. Faded smudges of black paint stain his lithe fingers. She notices that he, too, holds something in his hands. A sketchbook.

Her boy is always drawing, always painting, always imagining. Kiyan’s eyes wander around the room, searching for something. Nora follows his surveying gaze. Her eyes glide over his canvases that are hung throughout the living room, stunning pieces of art that she proudly displays to all. Most of his works are in blacks, greys, and whites. But he always gives her paintings filled with bright, ardent colors. She keeps those in her room and covets the variegated portrait of herself he gave to her on her birthday last year.

After a few moments of perusing the surrounding space, his eyes fall upon the Box Elder tree planted in their backyard. He begins to sketch. Nora smiles proudly before inspecting the rest of the group.

Be on the lookout for another excerpt that will be posted later this week! Or, if you can’t wait, view the full story here!

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