What I Read Last Week and What I Might Read This Week

Hello, friends! So last week I thought I wouldn’t be able to read anything, except for maybe Captive Prince2, which I don’t count because reasons. And I was right! For the most part, anyways. I hadn’t been able to read much of anything until last night.

What I Read


1) Prince’s Gambit: Captive Prince Book Two | C.S. Pacat

I finished this one on Thursday night last week. I’ve not much to say about it. It was better than the first one, I suppose. Review to come soon. Maybe.


2) Kings Rising: Captive Prince Book Three | C.S. Pacat

I started this one late, late Saturday night and finished it late, late last night. It was better than the first but not as good (I use this term loosely) as the second. Review to come. Also a maybe.


3) World After (Book 2 of Penryn and the End of Days) | Susan Ee

This was a surprise read. I just got the urge to read it yesterday! So I started and finished it last night and it was GREAT. Flash review to come later this week!

I read a lot more than I expected to this weekend, but it was such a great way to relax after that hellish week of midterms and essays. So now I’m just chillin’ (I also use this term loosely because I have an essay due Thursday but I’m just pretending it doesn’t exist until Wednesday).

So what am I hoping to read this week?


End of Days (Book Three of Penryn and the End of Days) | Susan Ee

Gotta finish out that trilogy! Plus, the second book didn’t nearly have enough Raffe in it. I MUST HAVE MORE RAFFE. I MUST HAVE MORE RAFFE AND PENRYN MOMENTS.


Illuminae | Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I went on an Amazon shopping spree a couple weeks ago and came back with the last two Penryn books, a pre-ordered copy of Marissa Meyer’s Heartless, and this one. It’s been hyped up so much, now I am SO excited to read it! Especially since the second book comes out tomorrow!



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