My Everything Post: Monday to Thursday

My blogging has been a little spotty lately (haven’t posted in three days and my last review was mid-last week). I was supposed to post my full review of Crooked Kingdom last Friday, but then midterms happened.

So, this will be my everything post! All my posts for this week summed up into one concise post. I won’t have any time to blog this week, much less read, so I’m just going to do it all right now (except my review for Crooked Kingdom) while I have the time!


Reading List : Hahahahahahahaha. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I didn’t even get around to reading Throne of Glass last week. I might read Captive Prince 2, but I don’t really count that as an actual read. More like a horribly addictive time waster.

Rambling #3 : It’s fall. WHY is so gotdamned HOT up in LA? I want sweaters, and lattes, and blankets. But it looks like Satan’s taking a vacation in Southern California, and he’s here to stay for the week.


The Playlist Shuffle Tag

(I originally saw this tag on arctic books)

How to Play:

  • Set your music to shuffle
  • Write down the first 15 songs you hear!

*Don’t cheat or the list will no longer be random (Pretend I’m wagging my finger at you)

  1. Rather Be | Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne
  2. The Little Things | Big Gigantic ft. Angela McCluskey
  3. Learn Me Right | Birdy ft. Mumford & Sons
  4. Tired | Kelly Price
  5. Bad Girls | M.I.A.
  6. Lover, Please Stay | Nothing But Thieves
  7. Without Question | Elton John (From The Road to El Dorado)
  8. Magalenha | Sergio Mendes
  9. Lips Are Movin | Meghan Trainor
  10. Homecoming | Kanye West
  11. Trumpets | Jason Derulo
  12. Little Cream Soda | The White Stripes
  13. What Makes You Beautiful | One Direction
  14. Cool Kids | Echosmith
  15. White Walls | Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I’ve included links to the videos/lyric videos if you’d like to check them out! I tag anyone who’d like to do this tag 🙂


Top 5 Wednesdays : A weekly book meme found on Goodreads! This week’s topic: Inaccurate Book Covers | “Those books that have nothing to do with the story, or the cover model doesn’t look anything like the actual main character, or it’s a really cheesy cover for a great read!”

Paranormalcy | Kierstan White: After reading the book, I can imagine the character looking exactly like that. But upon first glance, I realize nothing about the cover tells me what the story is about!

Vampire Academy | Richelle Mead: I love the Vampire Academy series (even though Dimitri and Rose’s romance was kind of creepy and inappropriate…) but man, that cover is so cheesy it hurts my soul. I like the new covers much better.

Twilight | Stephanie Meyer: Let’s be honest, if you had never heard of Twilight and you walked past this cover in the bookstore, would you have any clue of what the book’s about? No? Thought so…

Throne of Glass | Sarah J. Maas: This cover would have been more accurate if Celaena was wearing a dress.

The Immortal Rules | Julie Kagawa: This cover tells you NOTHING. The book’s amazing though. I highly recommend.


Flash Review: Captive Prince | S.U. Pacat


My Rating: ⭐⭐

Since I haven’t read anything else since Crooked Kingdom, I’ve got no other reviews to share right now, except for this horrid mess. I regret ever picking this book up. The writing? Basic. The plot? Non-existent. The characters? Lacking, EXCEPT for maybe Laurent. He was okay, I guess. The dialogue? Laughable. There is soooo much unnecessary content (mostly rape and pedophilia), I thought my eyes would fall out. I felt like I needed Jesus and a bath after reading this. AND YET, I read it within four hours and I am now going to read the second (and third). Why? Because it’s like a reality TV show. It’s a trashy trainwreck that is way too addictive for its own good. I’m not necessarily happy I want to see how this story ends, but I’ll just have to finish it anyways and regret my life decisions when it’s all over.

Image of the Day

My Momma at Giverny Monet’s Garden in France

This is my momma while she was abroad in Europe last summer with my dad. Isn’t she adorable?

So that’s it! Thanks for sticking around to read this post. Sorry for my lack of book reviews and comments but I’ve been slammed by midterms all this week. Pray for me.

I’ll be back as soon as possible to share more of my bookish thoughts with you. And I’ll check out your awesome posts as well! So, I hope you all have a great week!

See y’all soon!


5 thoughts on “My Everything Post: Monday to Thursday

  1. Literally laughed out loud when I read that satan is taking a vacation in cali. I really liked this post. Totally agree with you that Immortal Rules gives nothing about it being a vampire dystopian! Your mama is so pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a bunch! Satan really is here to stay in SoCal it seems haha 😀 And I love Immortal Rules and I even like the cover but the story and cover don’t match up at all LOL. And thank you! I think so, too! Thanks for commenting, Gretchen 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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