A Bit of Pride and a Little of Prejudice With Just a Touch of Fallen Angels

So…my reading list last week was pretty simple: Sense and Sensibility and Angelfall. And somehow, I managed to stray from that teeny tiny list. I finished S&S but Angelfall got lost in the fray of three papers and a visit to Halloween Horror Nights.

BUT HOLD ON (we’re going home…) I did manage to read another book on Saturday. It was Captive Prince and now I regret all my life decisions up until this point. I’ll be leaving my review for that book on Goodreads (not on my blog) pretty soon, but right now I just need some Jesus.

Here’s my reading list for this week!

Required Reading

Pride and Prejudice

#1) Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen

This is assigned reading for school, but I’ve read this book so many times, I probably don’t even need to read it again. But hey, since it’s one of my faves…

Fun Time


#2) Angelfall | Susan Ee

Since I neglected this one last week, it’s on my reading list this week.

I shouldn’t, but…


Captive Prince (Volume 2) | S.U. Pacat

Morally questionable? Yes. Reprehensible characters, unnecessary violence, subpar writing, and thin-as-all-hell plot? Absolutely. Still gonna read it? You’re damn right I will, and once I’m done reading this one (and possibly the third one, too), I’ll go cry in a corner and ask myself “why” over and over again. Then I’ll pray to Jesus and forget it ever happened.


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