Rambing #2 |Am I the worst English student EVER?

Have you read Grapes of Wrath? Of Mice and Men? 1984, Moby Dick, Animal Farm, Little Women, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, A Tale of Two Cities, Fahrenheit 451, The Scarlet Letter, Heart of Darkness, Frankenstein, Brave New World, and/or Catch 22? How about Anna Karenina or Jane Eyre? Or maybe To Kill a Mockingbird or Where the Red Fern Grows?

Have you read the classics, the essentials that everyone and their mother says you HAVE to read?

I haven’t. Well, I’ve read a few (I can count those few on my ten fingers), but none that were named above.

And I’m an English major.


Should I feel inadequate as an English student? Should I be ashamed that I’ve not taken the time or the liberty to read these English essentials?

I’d actually really love to hear your thoughts on this. Should I begin reading as many classics as I can, or is it okay to just love the books that I pick up everyday – the books that are filled with magic and supernatural creatures, fantastical dystopias, and fictional heroes and heroines with awe-inspiring abilities – and just continue on my merry way?




4 thoughts on “Rambing #2 |Am I the worst English student EVER?

  1. I really don’t think you should feel inadequate as an English student, as I’m sure you’ve read many rich works that most of us haven’t. The classics you’ve listed are just the more popular ones that are required school reading, but I must say that some of them are my favorite novels ever and I’d highly recommend you read them when you find time!

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    1. I’d always thought I was a little behind as an English major because whenever I’m in discussion during one of my college courses, I can’t make many connections to other well-known works that others have already read. It might be best to try to read these popular classics, because I know many people have come to love them, just like you! And I’m always on the lookout for great reads 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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  2. I don’t think any of those books were written for the purpose of being an English Major. You could probably read them all in one uncluttered week, but they would lead you on to more and more books that are similarly “classic”. That is what reading is all about. If you can get by as an English Major without them that’s fine, but can you get by as a reader?

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  3. You should be able to read what you want, and shouldn’t feel ashamed if that goes down a different path from the typical English major! However, it does help for in-depth book discussions if you can draw comparisons from well-known works of literature. That way, if you’re discussing a more obscure book, people who haven’t read it but have read more traditional “classics” can decide if it’s a book they may be interested in. Besides, there are some pretty amazing classics that have gotten me hooked more than most modern-day books ever could. But either way remember that you are just as worthy of an English major as anyone else :)!

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