Work in Progress: The Widowmaker

Excerpt 1 || Part 1: Run

Gunshots rang out.

My eyes snapped open and I propelled myself out of bed. I hit the floor running.

Bright, white light seeped through the slits of the blinds and cut across the white carpet in razor thin rows.

Little Nastya, if you ever hear the ring of a gun, do not think. Run. Hide. Do not go searching for the source. You may never know if the source might be searching for you.”

Mama’s words swirled around my head, her soft voice echoing, urging me to find a proper hiding spot. I had promised her I would do as she advised, believing that I would never have to. But now that the time for me to listen to her words had arisen, I found myself hesitating.

Those shots were loud. They were close. Whoever the shooter was, they were in the house. No matter my promise, I needed to be sure my family was safe.

But you’re just a little girl,  Nastya. What could you do?  

My mind’s doubt weakened my steps forward. But I stubbornly shook away my fears and heeded only the first part of my mother’s advice. I didn’t think. Just continued to move.

Right when I reached the door, two more shots rang out. My heart stopped for a moment, and then raced as realization sank in.

Those shots had been much closer than the initial few. I’d guess the source of the noise was maybe only a couple doors down the hallway, exactly where my older brother Dmitri, my Dima, slept.

Though I didn’t want to accept it as truth, I knew, I knew, that my brother was dead. I could feel it in my heart, the way it broke and twisted in my chest. My Dima no longer slept to wake. His eyes would never flutter open, and I would never see his smile again. This I new as truth.

Something in my soul fractured even further as a new realization came to mind, one that very nearly sent me to my knees. Those first few shots had been further away, but still close. Further down the hallway and across the loft where my parents’ room was situated.

The shooter had killed my family and he was coming for me last.

This is just an excerpt of a novella I am re-writing. If you’d like to know more about it, go ahead and contact me or leave a comment!

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