My Reading List for this Week

Now that I’m back in school, my recreational reading is going to take a hit. But I’ll do the best that I can to continue reading/reviewing my YAs and I’ll also try to incorporate my school readings into my reviews. I’m taking a Jane Austen seminar and I’ll be reading five out of her six novels. So, be on the lookout for Classic Review Sundays! But in the meantime, here’s my reading list for this week:

Lady Midnight

I’m not delusional enough to believe I can finish this book within two days, let alone five. And I’m also not delusional enough to think that I can simultaneously read another book alongside this one. I couldn’t get this monster out of the way before returning to school and last week I was able to read only two of my remaining three library books: The Forever Song and The Outliers. So, Lady Midnight is going to be my one and only goal for this week. And for nearly 700 pages of pure fantasy and suspected heartbreak, I think that’s a-okay.


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